Horse Stalls 101 | By: American Stalls | Date on: 07/6/2022

When it comes to horse stall fronts, there are two main options: sliding horse stalls and hinged horse stalls. Each type of horse stall front has its advantages and things to consider. You can learn more about our thoughts on the things to consider when comparing the two types of horse stall fronts here.

In this article, we’d like to walk you through various European Stall Front examples from our past projects. Our team strongly recommends our European Stall Fronts because they deliver an unmatched, elegant look to any barn. Additionally, they provide ample room for both socialization, but also ventilation. Our Stall Fronts are custom built to order – allowing you to build a design that is best for your barn’s vision and horses.

We hope that these past project examples provide you inspiration, but also insight into the thought process behind the selections. After all, each Stall Front is unique to the barn owner and the horses.

Example #1 – Angled Stall Fronts with Mesh

Our first example is for a boarding barn in Georgia for retired horses. The client chose these elegant European Stall Fronts because of their open design to provide a home for retired horses. The client then chose a mesh-bottom for stall door. This addition of mesh provides ventilation through the stall front – while also allowing the client to maintain a clear sight line into the stall.

In addition to the mesh bottom, we welded HVH (horizontal-vertical-horizontal) steel tubing to provide a wood-center and wood-bottom. This HVH design helps provide a warmer look to each stall front. Lastly, each horse stall front features two heavy-duty posts that are capped with brushed aluminum end-caps. This is the finishing touch that ties it all together!

Example #2 – Angled Stall Fronts with Full Mesh & HVH

Our next example is a breeding barn we finished for Windkiss Ranch in Vero Beach, Florida. This barn’s stall fronts show the possibility of customization among our horse stalls. This takes the previous example (example #1) and shows additional upgrades – making this Stall Front system truly unique to this barn.

Similar to example one, these stall fronts feature an angled design for the left and right wing. It also features the same door style. It includes a mesh bottom with HVH for center and bottom wood rails.

However, these Stall Fronts differ from the first example in a few additional upgrades. Firstly, this stall fronts feature a full mesh upgrade along with additional HVH on both the left wing and right wing. This provides this barn with a modern design in horse stalls. While this design is beautiful, it is equally functional. The full mesh design allows for optimal visibility and ventilation. These benefits are especially important for this barn’s mares and foals.

In any horse barn, safety, ventilation, and visibility are key to success. This ensures our peace of mind that our horses are safe and sound. Both examples, thus far, deliver just that for our clients.

Example #3 – Bent Stall Fronts with Full Wood Design

This third and last example is for a private barn in Tennessee designed by designer and owner, Julie Davis Interiors. This barn’s stall fronts differ from examples one and two in that it does not feature any mesh. While these stall fronts do not feature any mesh, they are still incredibly beautiful and functional.

These Stall Fronts differ in the first instance that the left and right wings are bent – not 45-degree angled. This wing design allows for a softer, more subtle stall front design. This slight design change makes for a traditional, old-age feel – in contrast to an angled design which provides more modern design.

Secondly, these Stall Fronts feature a simple full-wood design. While we offer hundreds of customizations, this barn shows the beauty of simplicity. It is a simple stall front that is timeless and a classic.

While the above three examples show a few of our design, there are simply a starting point for your Horse Stalls project. We offer countless customization options which include, but are not limited to:

  1. Custom Swoops and Angles (Left & Right Wing)
  2. Mesh or Grilled (1″ Round Bars) Bottoms on the Doors and Wings
  3. Integrated Water Lines and Spigots
  4. Grilled Feed Doors or Swivel Feed Bowls
  5. Automatic Waterer Integrations
  6. Welded HVH (for wood in-fill or matching metal in-fill)

If you can dream it, we can build it. For more information, please kindly visit our European Stall Fronts page on our website. Our team of expert designers remain at your service to help bring your dream to a reality. Please kindly feel free to send us an email at or a call at (855) 957-8255. Alternatively, you can also complete a Contact Us Form.

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