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The fall time is the perfect time to take inventory of your barn’s condition. This includes things such as inspecting the condition of barn doors, the condition of your tack rooms, and even organizing tack. [Read our 5 Tips to Prepare Your Barn for the Fall Time]

While the colder, drafty days are approaching, there are certain products that will ensure your barn is ready colder weather. Here are 4 products to consider – guaranteed to increase your barn’s functionality, safety, and overall comfort for your horses.

1 – Horse Stall Mattresses for Horse Stall Floors

In most parts of the country, the Fall time means colder weather during the entire day – not just mornings and evenings. For this reason, your horses will be spending more and more time inside the barn. As your horse spends more time in his or her horse stall, it’s prudent to consider more comfortable flooring. After all, increased horse stall comfort will lead to a happier and healthier horse!

StableComfort Mattresses – During Installation (Left) and Finished Installation (Right)

Our StableComfort Horse Stall Mattresses are a patented, multi-celled mattress that is equivalent to at least 6 inches of bedding. These mattresses include rubber-filled mattresses and a rubber top cover. The mattresses are placed wall-to-wall in the horse stall. They are then topped with the durable cover and securely fastened to the walls for a one-piece, full-coverage flooring system. You can learn more about these Horse Stall Mattresses here in this educational post.

#2 – Exterior Horse Stall Doors

Ventilation is essential for a horse’s overall health and specifically lung health. However, large drafts can be dangerous in temperature regulation. During the Fall time, it is the perfect time to check every nook and cranny in your barn’s structure. Often in old horse barns, old barn doors have holes, faulty latches, or broken parts.

Dutch Door (Left) and Sliding Paddock Door (Right)

Proper exterior horse stall doors can help you ensure that your barn doesn’t have gaps that allow large drafts. At American Stalls, we offer 2 main styles in our exterior stall doors – including hinged Dutch Doors and sliding Paddock Doors.

Our hinged Dutch Doors feature heavy-duty cold rolled frames that allow them to seamlessly fit into barn structure. We guarantee that our cold rolled frame will allow our Dutch Doors to seamlessly fit into your barn exterior – whether it has metal siding, wood vertical boards, or stucco. Additionally, our Dutch Doors are solid welded and come pre-hung for an easy installation. Our latch systems are made from pre-galvanized material fully manufactured for maximum durability to the elements and rigors of any working barn. Doors can be opened from either the inside or outside and single-hinged doors are available for use as entry doors. 

Sliding Paddock Door in Closed Position

Another option is our Sliding Paddock Doors. In contrast to Dutch Doors, these doors slide alongside your barn’s exterior. Sliding Paddock Doors are especially a great option for colder climates where snow might prohibit a hinged door’s swing.

#3 – Barn Lighting

The Fall time is also a great time to check indoor lights, outdoor lights, and light bulbs. As the days shorten, proper lighting ensure visibility around the farm. A thorough inspection includes the clearing of dust, debris, and cobwebs. Replace any blown bulbs and check wires for fraying.

Wall Mounted Gooseneck Lamp with Bronze Powder Coat Finish (Including Porcelain Enamel Upgrade)

Additionally, we offer many elegant lighting solutions that are 100% custom made in the USA. Our lighting options include everything from gooseneck lamps to wall sconces to wall-mounted lights. Our barn lighting options add ample lighting and elegance as we offer many custom powder coat options.

#4 – Blanket Bars

Our last product recommendation is an easy upgrade for any barn. As equestrians, we all know colder weather means heavier, larger blankets. In many barns, we are used to seeing not-so-great blanket bars that are flimsy and thin. Our heavy-duty blanket bars come in two diameters including 1.3″ diameter and 1.9″ diameter.

1.9″ Blanket Bars (Powder Coated in Bronze) Installed on Sliding Stall Fronts

Both options are incredibly heavy-duty and built to last. They are offer a 6″ width which allow plenty of space between the horse stall and blanket bar to allow your blankets to dry fast. Keep your blankets organized and dry with our effective blanket bars.

This list is far from an exhaustive list since you can always do more to get ready for colder weather. That being said, we believe this is a great starting place of products to consider for your barn! Do you have any questions on this post or simply need help with your barn project? You can reach us at or a call at (855) 957-8255. Alternatively, you can also complete a Contact Us Form.

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