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The proper renovation can do wonders for your barn’s look, feel and function. At American Stalls, we help clients with renovations of all sizes. In some cases, clients will decide to replace their existing rubber mats inside each horse stall. The next summer, they decide to actually redo their horse stalls. In contrast, there are some renovations that feature an entire overhaul – including virtually everything inside and outside the barn.

While we understand renovations vary in size, we firmly believe that a few changes can make the world of a difference. In a barn renovation, we help our clients maximize and improve upon the barn’s safety, look, and overall function. If you are considering a renovation, here are six products that can make a difference.

#1 – New Stall Doors and Grillwork

One of the first things that visitors notice when they arrive in your barn are the stall fronts. Many older barns tend to feature older sliding horse stall doors (or stall gates) with older grillwork. We help with clients across the nation with building brand new stall doors to replace their existing ones. This replacement usually helps bring a modern, fresh aesthetic to the barn. It also helps with functionality since older doors’ hardware might not perform as well – including hinges, latches, or track systems.

Sliding Stall Door and Mesh Grillwork (Left) | Stall Gate (Center) | Sliding Stall Door and Grillwork (Right)

There are many options to consider, but the most popular renovation options include our Sliding Horse Stall Doors, Stall Gates, and Grillwork.

#2 – Exterior Dutch Doors

Many older barns tend to feature low ceilings. Older barns tend to also have minimal windows or doors that allow sunlight into a barn. For this reason, we believe that Dutch Doors are wonderful additions during a renovation project. Our standard size for Dutch Doors measure at 4′ W x 8′ H and consists of a top door and bottom door. Our Dutch Doors‘ both doors can be open and held back to the barn’s exterior during nice weather.

This addition allows for ample sunlight and fresh air to enter your barn. These doors also allow your horses more freedom to enjoy fresh air. Lastly, the Dutch Door can lead to an exterior field or paddock. As a result, Dutch Doors help improve a barn’s airflow, natural sunlight, and lead to happier horses.

#3 – Stall Mattress Systems for Horse Stalls

As horse owners, we all know the importance of proper flooring and footing for our horses. While regular interlocking rubber mats are functional, clients often splurge on our Stall Mattress systems for their existing horse stalls.

Stall Mattress Pads (left) and completed installation (right)

Each mattress is equal to roughly 4-6 inches of bedding. This thickness provides two main benefits. Firstly, it provides added comfort that keep your horses’ feet well rested. Secondly, the thickness also decreases your bedding needs and costs significantly. Each mattress is topped with a seamless one-piece top cover that offers a non-slip surface. This surface provides ample traction for your horse, but also makes for faster clean up times.

#4 – Interlocking Rubber Pavers for Barn Aisles

Similar to above, your flooring choice for your barn’s aisle can impact your day-to-day experience. For this reason, rubber pavers are a very popular choice for barn renovations – to go over existing concrete or to replace existing interlocking rubber mats. Our rubber pavers come in a 7/8″ thickness for concrete floors or 1-3/4″ for packed dirt bases. These thickness help provide the ultimate in comfort to both tired human feet and horse legs.

Our rubber pavers are manufactured using the highest quality recycled rubber and manufacturing processes. They are built in a way to be extremely durable and environmentally friendly. Each paver also features a textured non-slip surface that provide ample traction during dry and wet conditions. This secure traction ensures that your horse will feel calm, confident, and relaxed.

#5 – Automatic Waterers

Many older horse barns feature stall design that did not prioritize efficiency and convenience. When we design our horse stall fronts, we offer clients with many options for feed and water. These options help you save time and lighten the daily chore load. One of the most popular additions to renovation projects are automatic waterer systems. These systems allow for you to save time and energy in providing your horses with access to fresh and ample water.

#6 – Barn Lighting

We all know that farm work goes from dusk til dawn and often well into the light. In each barn project, we place a large emphasis on ventilation, natural sunlight, and visibility. Our last recommendation focuses on visibility at all times in the barn.

We offer elegant gooseneck lamps and sconces for your barn’s exterior, but also your barn’s interior aisle way. Each of our lights are custom built to order here in the United States – featuring handspun shades and premium raw materials. Each shade provides superior lighted coverage, easy installation, and also energy-saving properties.

Do you have any questions regarding your upcoming barn renovation? Our team is here to help guide you every step of the way to ensure you have the most functional horse stall and barn products. Please kindly feel free to send us an email at or a call at (855) 957-8255. Alternatively, you can also complete a Contact Us Form.

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