Horse Stalls 101 | By: American Stalls | Date on: 08/9/2022

Our Stall Gates continue to be one of our most popular products for horse stall fronts. Our Stall Gates provide our clients with tremendous value. This includes a Stall Gate that is mindfully designed to promote ventilation, visibility, and elegance in any barn. Our Stall Gates can be used in a variety of horse barn settings.

In this blog post, we would like to discuss many frequently asked questions about our best-selling horse Stall Gates. We hope this post helps you make the best possible decision for your horse stalls project.

Question 1 – Are these Stall Gates in-stock or are they are custom manufactured?

Answer – We build our Stall Gates and keep a large quantity in-stock at any given moment to meet our clients’ timelines. You can usually find lead-times and availability on our Stall Gates’ individual pages here on our website. We are also able to custom manufacture Stall Gates for our clients if they have certain design changes or powder coat changes they need made.

Question 2 – How do these Stall Gates ship? Are they available for pick up if I live near your facility?

Answer – While we build tremendous products, we take equal pride in our ability to execute the logistics. It is equally important that we safely deliver your new horse stalls. If you are only purchasing our Stall Gates, we ship them via a reputable LTL (less-than-truckload) carrier. All of our Stall Gates are individually boxed and then placed on a pallet with ample packaging. This ensures that your Stall Gates order arrives safe and sound to your farm.

If you plan to purchase other stabling equipment with your Stall Gates (i.e. grillwork, barn end doors, Dutch doors, etc), we then ship your entire order together on a flatbed truck. This allows us to deliver the entire order safely to your barn. Lastly, we do offer pick up to our clients whom live in driving distance to our facilities. Please kindly contact your American Stalls Project Manager and they would be happy to arrange this option.

Question 3 – I have an overly playful horse. I want to make sure that the yoke is high enough to ensure he is safely in his still. For your Full-Sized Stall Gate, what is the height of the yoke?

Answer – Our Full-Sized Stall Gates are 65″ tall. The yoke’s bottom-most point (bottom center) begins at 48″. Based on this measurement, the yoke is 17″ tall from the bottom center to the top most frame. This yoke height is the same for our Half-Sized Stall Gates as well (17″ deep yoke).

Full-Sized Stall Gate shown above – 65″ tall. The yoke is 17″ deep from the bottom center to the top most part of the frame.

Question 4 – Do the Stall Gates include hardware or do I need to purchase that separately?

Answer – Each Stall Gate comes with all the mounting hardware – including hinges, wood screws, carriage bolts, and washers. Please kindly note that you might need different screws (i.e. tap cons) if you are installing the Stall Gates to a concrete block. You can view an installation process using our hinges here.

For latching, we provide a standard gate chain, carabiner clip, and screw eye. We provide this as a basic latching option since our Stall Gates are installed in a wide variety of barn applications. If you plan to mount your Stall Gate flush into your horse stall door opening, you can also separately purchase our Universal Gate Latch. This latch is made from 304 stainless steel and then finished in a black powder coat.

Question 5 – What’s the main difference between the three different Stall Gate styles?

Our Three Stall Gate Options

Answer – Our Stall Gates come in two main styles. The first being a traditional Stall Gate which includes a yoke opening on the top. The second style does not include a yoke opening, but it is low enough to allow your horse to hang their head out. Our Stall Gate options include:

  1. Yoke OptionFull-Sized Stall Gate (65″H)
  2. Yoke OptionHalf-Sized Stall Gate (42″H)
  3. No YokeGrilled Stall Gate (58″H)

All of our Stall Gates are 51″ wide and feature our best-selling mesh bottom. This mesh allows for ample ventilation in your horse stalls – while also promoting visibility within the stall. Our Full-Sized Stall Gates are fantastic for most large horse breeds. In contrast, our Half-Sized Stall Gates are better suited for smaller breeds such as ponies, shetlands, miniatures, and other livestock. That being said, our clients often still choose to use our Half-Sized Stall Gates for their larger horse breeds. Lastly, our Grilled Stall Gates are perfect for both large and small horse breeds alike.

Half-Sized Stall Gates used for many types of horse breeds

Question 6 – How high do you suggest to mount the Stall Gates from the ground?

Answer – If you have our Full-Sized Stall Gate or Grilled Stall Gate, it is likely that you are using it for a larger breed. In this case, we recommend to mount our horse stall gate about 1″ off the floor. This ensures smooth door movement. If you are choosing to mount our Half-Sized Stall Gate, we suggest to measure your horse’s chest height. We then recommend to mount it at a height where the yoke sits comfortably chest level.

Full-Sized Stall Gates installation shown on left. Half-Sized Stall Gate installation shown center (miniature horse) and right (large horse breed).

Do you have any additional questions? Please reach out to our design team at (855) 957-8255 or email us at Our team of expert consultants would love to sit down, understand your questions, and provide our 17+ years of experience.

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