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Apart from our horse stalls, we receive many curious questions regarding our horse stall mattresses. At American Stalls, we carry our best-selling interlocking Rubber Pavers. Our Rubber Pavers are extremely popular for flooring in barn aisles, breezeways, outdoor pathways along the farm, and even wash stalls. Below are answers to a handful of frequently asked questions regarding our Rubber Pavers.

Question 1 – Why should I consider these rubber pavers? What are the benefits?

Answer: We recommend our rubber pavers to all clients for their barn projects. Below is a list of benefits to consider:

  1. Fantastic comfort for tired feet and hooves
  2. Excellent shock absorption and protection
  3. Outstanding long-term durability
  4. Slip resistant even when wet
  5. Easy to install and maintain
  6. Environmentally friendly since our pavers are made from nearly 100% recycled tire rubber
  7. Controls bacteria and dust
Here is a barn renovation we completed for a client with existing rubber pavers that are 17 plus years old!

Question 2 – I see that you offer the Rubber Pavers in two thicknesses – a thinner 7/8″ paver and a 1-3/4″ thicker option. What’s the difference?

Answer: Our 7/8” thick pavers are best suited for application on concrete bases. These pavers require a glue adhesive to adhere the paver to your concrete. In contrast, our 1-3/4” thick rubber pavers can be applied to both natural substrates or also concrete. Glue adhesive is not used for our 1-3/4” thick rubber pavers. For this reason, 1-3/4” rubber pavers require a concrete curb (perimeter) to safely hold them in place.

Question 3 – What colors do these rubber pavers come in?

Answer: We offer our rubber pavers in black, terra cotta, grey, and forrest green. Please note that our 7/8″ thickness only comes in black, terra cotta, and forrest green. (View Color Selection Here)

1-3/4″ Rubber Pavers in Terra Cotta

Question 4 – How do I clean these rubber pavers?

Answer: Our rubber pavers require only periodic cleaning with a water hose and sufficient water pressure to wash away dirt caught in seams and scoring. If you’d like to clean the surface of hay or bedding, we recommend to use a professional heavy-duty vacuum.

Question 5 – How do you recommend to go about drainage?

Answer: If you have a concrete base, we recommend to add trench drains or french drains along your aisle. This will allow for ample drainage through your aisle. If you plan on installing a drain in your concrete aisle, you can simply leave it exposed (no rubber paver over it). You can also put a paver on top of the drain for aesthetics, but we recommend to drill holes into the paver to allow for easy drainage. If you have a natural substrate (i.e. crushed stone, road base, compacted sand), drainage then occurs naturally from the surface of the rubber paver down to the natural base.

1-3/4″ Rubber Pavers (Black) Installed Over Natural Substrate

Question 6 – How do these ship?

Our Rubber Pavers are delivered in either an LTL box truck or they are delivered on a 53’ long semi-truck. The truck and shipping method will depend on customer’s purchased amount of rubber pavers. If you have a smaller square footage, it will likely ship on a box truck in the form of LTL Freight. If you are purchasing a larger square footage, then it will likely arrive on a 53′ long semi-truck. Please note that in either case, the truck must have plenty of room to access the driveway and to turn around.

Most American Stalls projects use our rubber pavers as they offer tremendous grip and traction. This helps minimize concrete’s slipping hazards. Our pavers also provide significant comfort as they are either 7/8″ thick or 1-3/4″ thick. Although this might seem minuscule on paper, our clients repeatedly give us feedback that they are exceptionally comfortable compared to concrete or rubber mats. [Read more why we recommend rubber pavers in most horse barns].

Do you have any additional questions? Please reach out to our design team at (855) 957-8255 or email us at Our team of expert consultants would love to sit down, understand your questions, and provide our 17+ years of experience.

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