Horse Stalls 101 | By: American Stalls | Date on: 03/16/2021

Aside from quality horse stalls, we equestrians know that flooring makes the world of a difference. We invest in the best flooring and footing whether that is in our indoor arena, outdoor arena, or in our horse barn.

There are many flooring options available for a horse stalls. Options include interlocking rubber mats and straight edge mats. That being said, we believe that the best horse stall flooring option is our StableComfort stall mattress systems.

StableComfort is a patented, multi-celled mattress that is equivalent to at least 6 inches of bedding. These mattresses include rubber-filled mattresses and a rubber top cover. The mattresses are placed wall-to-wall in the horse stall. They are then topped with the durable cover and securely fastened to the walls for a one-piece, full-coverage flooring system.

Rubber crumb filled mattress (left), rubber crumb on top of mattress (middle), and top cover fastened and secure to stall wall (right)

Below are a few reasons why we (and our clients) LOVE these stall mattress systems:

  1. Utmost Comfort – We all want our horses to have the best of the best. These mattresses provide significant cushioning to bases such as crushed stone and concrete. Please see below (scroll down) to see real comparison between the shock-absorbency of these mattresses, rubber mats, and concrete.
  2. Less Maintenance & Bedding – These mattresses are equivalent to about 6 inches of bedding because of the rubber filled mattresses. Because of this, our clients use significantly less bedding for their horse stalls. This decrease in bedding also means the amount of labor and time used to muck out your horse stalls.
  3. Healthier Environment – When we work with customers, we work hard to build and supply products that lead to a healthier horse barn. That means increased ventilation, more sunlight, and a more open barn. The above point (less bedding) means that there will be almost 66% less manure for waste. That decrease in manure translates into reduced ammonia levels. It also leads to a cleaner, dust-free eating surface. This makes the world of the difference in your horses’ experience in their horse stall when eating and breathing.

For visualization purposes, we have also included some diagrams and charts. These visuals show both the components that make up our mattress systems and they also show comparison between the stall mattresses and rubber mats.

In addition to the above, we have included research-driven findings that provide a significant decrease in clean out time, dust levels, and more when using these mattress systems.

While there are significant benefits to this mattress system, we do understand that our StableComfort systems are a significant investment. They are a significant investment for both your facility, your horse barn, and your horses. For that reason, here are some more intricate details and things to consider:

  1. Warranty – Each mattress system comes with a 3 year warranty. This warranty covers normal, everyday use and proper installation.
  2. Longevity – The system, as any product, requires proper care and maintenance. This means routinely stretching out the top cover every year or so. If maintained right, we have seen that this system stands the test of time – working well for 10-15 years without issues.
  3. Installation – Installation is absolutely paramount when purchasing these stall mattresses for your horse stalls. This is because proper installation will lead to long-term performance, but also to ensure you meet the warranty requirements. Before your purchase, contact our team for photos from past projects, videos, and also installation guides. This way, you can fully understand the product inside-and-out to ensure a seamless installation.
  4. Cleaning – The stall mattress only needs to be hosed off with some mild water. We strongly recommend to not use a power washer to clean the top cover. If our clients need to disinfect the top cover, we recommend to do so with a 5% diluted bleach solution.
  5. StableComfort vs StableComfort Premium – The standard StableComfort mattress includes a rubber-filled mattress, rubber crumb, and a top cover. You can upgrade this system to the Premium version though by adding a premium pad that adds an additional 3/4″ inch of foam. This foam pad upgrade is especially useful for older horses, competition horses, and any horses that have arthritis conditions.

Do you have any additional questions? Our team is here to provide you all of the information you need when you are considering your investment in horse stall flooring. Contact our team at (855) 957-8255 or for a consultation.

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