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At American Stalls, we understand that each barn is unique to the owner. Each barn is different because of many variables. These factors include:

  1. Your horse barn’s location and its surrounding climate
  2. The breed of horses that will be in the barn
  3. The temperament of the horses in that barn and equestrian facility
  4. The purpose of that horse barn (i.e. private hobby barn versus a commercial operations)
  5. Your personal preferences as the facility owner

Whether it is a private hobby barn or a large breeding facility, we understand that your horse barn is a significant investment.

In particular, we understand that your American Stalls purchase is an investment toward your lifestyle, your general life, and your horse’s wellbeing. That’s why we go to great lengths to mindfully design our horse stall, barn door, and barn window products. We dedicate ourselves to building products that you and your horses will be happy with for years to come.

In this post, we would like to share with you our design process. This will help our readers and prospective clients understand what to expect of the design process for horse stall and barn components.

Step One: Research
We recommend to research what styles you would like in your dream barn and ideal project. Visit friends’ facilities to get a better idea of what is out there in other horse barns. Order our print materials to touch, feel, and interact with our products. Look through our photos and videos on our website at

We also recommend to check out the latest updates on projects through our social media platforms. These include Instagram, Facebook, and Pinterest.

There are so many options for horse stalls, barn doors, barn windows, and barn flooring. We recommend to visit your friends’ and peers’ barns. We also recommend to get in touch so our team can share materials of past projects.

Step Two: Get in Touch
We are horse people who understand the hectic schedules of fellow horse people. We also understand the complexities that go into planning a stables project. Each horse barn is unique to the owner of that barn. Contact our team and we will assist you every step of the way.

Step Three: Explore Potential Options
Once we get in touch, our sales and design team will send you options and pricing for all of your horse stall and barn components. Our sales associate will help provide expert recommendations based on your barn’s location, your requirements, and our years of experience.

Our design team will also make recommendations for products that our team does not directly build such as horse stall flooring and horse barn flooring. At the end of the day, we view it as our duty to help our clients pick the very best products for their horse barn.

Step Four: Review Product Designs & Decide
Once you have had a chance to compare multiple options, our team will help you with your decision on product design. Before we build your equipment, we will send you technical CAD drawings that will include all specifications. You will review these drawings at this stage. Our team will also provide an estimated date of completion. Each product is custom built to order. This means that we will build your horse stalls, barn doors, barn windows, and other components down to the millimeter.

Our team will work with you to design horse stall, barn door, and barn window components to the exact specifications. This way, we ensure that our products seamlessly fit into our clients’ horse barns for seamless installations.

Step Five: Crafting Your Project
Our sales and design team works closely with our manufacturing team. This means that we handpick the highest quality materials for your project. We will build with materials that will perform best with your set of variables. These variables can include your barn location’s climate, your horses’ temperament, your horses’ breeds, and more. Our equine equipment undergoes rigorous inspection and quality standards at three separate stages.

Each product is designed and hand built exactly how our clients want it for their horse barn. This includes customization in the design, the finishes, and so much more…

Step Six: Ongoing Support
Our American Stalls team is here for you throughout your project. Our team prides itself in its extreme ownership, transparency, and communication. This ongoing communication continues after delivery to ensure complete satisfaction. After installation is complete, our team continues to serve our clients with our customer service approach. Rest assured, we are in it for the long run with our clients.

Do you have an upcoming project for your dream horse barn or your equestrian facility? Our team of experts is here to help guide you every step of the way. Please kindly feel free to send us an email at or a call at (855) 957-8255. Alternatively, you can also complete a Contact Us Form.

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