Horse Stalls 101 | By: American Stalls | Date on: 12/15/2021

Our Stall Gates are among our most popular stall products that we carry in-stock. We began manufacturing our Stall Gates in 2008 because we could not find a suitable stall gate for our own horses. We started with our company’s three core elements in stall – safety, functionality, and elegance.

We wanted to build a stall gate that was exceptionally safe. This means that our stall gates utilize heavy-duty steel tubing, safely spaced bars and mesh, and outstanding powder coat finishes. Our choice in materials ensures that our stall gates won’t bend, bow, or break due to impact.

Full-Sized Stall Gates with Yoke

Secondly, we understand that any horse barn must be equally functional as it is beautiful. That is why we ensured our stall gate has pre-drilled holes for an easy installation. We also provide heavy-duty hardware including hinges, gate chain latching components, and necessary screws. Our choice in hardware allows you to have a stall gate that swings in and out without effort. Our latching options are also functional and easy to use in the barn. We also add functionality by adding a mesh bottom and European yoke top. This is not only beautiful, but it allows your horse to socialize in the barn – while allowing ample airflow into your horse stall.

Last but not least, each American Stalls stall product is built with elegant design. Our Stall Gate features simple and nimble lines that are easy on the eye. Our European yoke (top) provides that refined professional look. Each Stall Gate is also finished with a durable powder coat finish that looks stunning after years of use.

Full-Sized Stall Gate (Left) | Half-Sized Stall Gate (Center) | Grilled Stall Gate (Right)

While we have described our building process, we’d like to help guide you between our three options. At American Stalls, we carry three Stall Gate styles in-stock including:

  1. Half-Sized Stall Gate (Yoke)
  2. Full-Sized Stall Gate (Yoke)
  3. Grilled Stall Gate (No Yoke)

Our Half-Sized Stall Gates and Full-Sized Stall Gates are our two Stall Gate options with yokes. Both designs are what most horse owners will regard as traditional stall screens. They feature an attractive mesh bottom that promotes ventilation and a clear sight line into the horse stall. They also offer a functional European yoke opening on the top. This yoke allows your horse to hang their head out of their horse stall.

Differences Between Half-Sized Stall Gate & Full-Sized Stall Gate

The main difference between our Half-Sized Stall Gate and Full-Sized Stall Gate is the height. Our Half-Sized is 42″ tall while our Full-Sized is 65″ tall. Our Half-Sized Stall Gates are used for all breeds including smaller breeds such as ponies, miniature horses, shetland ponies, and miniature donkeys. They are also routinely used for our clients’ larger horses ranging from polo ponies and Arabians to European warmbloods and draft horses.

Half-Sized Stall Gate (Left) and Full-Sized Stall Gate (Right)

In contrast, our Full-Sized Stall Gate is commonly used exclusively for larger horse breeds. That being said, the mesh bottom does allow you to have smaller horse breeds and livestock as well.

Differences Between Grilled Stall Gate and Stall Gates with Yokes

Our Half-Sized Stall Gate and Full-Sized Stall Gate are our two best-selling stall gates since 2008. Both these stall gates feature top portions with yoke openings. In 2021, we launched our newest Grilled Stall Gate design. Our team designed this gate using inspiration from many polo barns located in coastal areas. This means a completely open stall design that offers clean lines and simple design.

Our Grilled Stall Gate does not include a yoke like our other two stall gates. This version instead features a straight bar design that is 58″ tall. This 58″ height allows our clients to use our Grilled Stall Gate as a standalone horse stall door. It is perfect for both small horse breeds and larger breeds alike.

How to Use Our Stall Gates

Although we wrote an in-depth post about this topic, our Stall Gates are used primarily in the following ways:

  1. Use as a stall screen behind an existing sliding horse stall door
  2. Use as a stall screen behind an existing exterior Dutch door
  3. Use as a standalone horse stall door
Stall Gate behind Sliding Stall Door (Left) | Stall Gate as standalone door (Center) | Stall Gate behind exterior Dutch Door (Right)

Do you have any additional questions? Please reach out to our design team at (855) 957-8255 or email us at Our team of expert consultants would love to sit down, understand your questions, and provide our 17+ years of experience.

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