Barn Safety | By: American Stalls | Date on: 01/16/2019

We are the industry leader in portable horse stalls because we routinely challenge industry norms.

The modern equestrian is busier than ever.

We accordingly design our equine equipment to fit the modern equestrian’s lifestyle. Our Show Series portable horse stalls sport a synthetic vinyl that replaces traditional tongue and groove lumber. This change allows for a lightweight, yet highly durable horse that is easy to move and disinfect. Our vinyl comes is available in more than a dozen colors – allowing you to add personality to your barn. Our commitment to bold design makes for a simple, safe, and stunning horse stall.

Our equine equipment is designed by horse people, for horse people. That means we design our equipment with a focus on seamless maintenance and day-to-day use.

Each horse stall includes four (4) horse stall panels and minimal installation hardware. Our simple design allows for an easy installation and disassembly. Our simple installation design gives you the flexibility to move your Show Series portable horse stalls as you see fit.

Our Stall Gates feature a smooth gentle roll yoke and double frame bar. This simple designs pairs aesthetics with functionality. The stall gates’ design allows for quick installation, increased socialization, and reduced bowing.

Your horse’s safety is our utmost priority.

We design our equine equipment with our own horses in mind.

Our Stall Gates and Elite Show Series feature a gentle roll yoke door that allows your horse peek their head out. This allows your horse to feel part of day-to-day barn shenanigans. We purposely chose vinyl as our Show Series stalls‘ filler material. Our vinyl discourages kicking, eliminates splinters, and decreases potential injuries. This material is also easily wiped down, washed, and disinfected.

Our mission is to make your horse feel at home when they are in an American Stalls horse stall. Our equipment is built to give you peace of mind.

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