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It’s the week of the show, and you’ve got a million things on your mind. Instead of winging it last minute, put your mind at ease with a little preparation. As I’ve mentioned in previous blogs, I am a huge advocate for organization and preparation. Two things that I believe go hand in hand and lead to success. If you are organized, you will know where everything is, and if you are prepared that means everything you will need is ready to go. And that will give you peace of mind.

As I prepare my own students for a show this weekend, I’d like to share some of the lists that I have helped them put together. It can be especially nerve racking if you haven’t been to a horse show before. Without guidance, it can be a lot to take in and believe me it’s easy to forget important items. I found that breaking the lists down into three separate categories makes sense, is easier and helps the process along: Stable Supplies, Horse, and Rider.


  1. Shavings (can be pre-purchased through the show venue)
  2. Grain, hay & supplements (always pack extra in case your travel home is postponed)
  3. 2 water buckets
  4. 1 feed pan
  5. 2 double sided snap clips (great to have on hand for hanging buckets or miscellaneous items)
  6. Bailing twine & zip ties
  7. 1-2 stall fans
  8. Extension cord
  9. Muck bucket & pitchfork / shovel (or wheelbarrow)
  10. Hose (in case one isn’t provided)
  11. Hanging tack hook (for halter)
  12. Bridle rack(s) / saddle rack(s)
  13. Set of cross ties
  14. Storage shelves
  15. White board
  16. Mirror
  17. Tack trunk
  18. Tack cleaner
  19. Safety pins (for tacking your show number onto your saddle pad)
  20. Medical / emergency supplies & first aid kit


  1. Copy of Coggins / shot records
  2. Halter / Lead rope
  3. Grooming brushes & sprays
  4. Bathing supplies (shampoos, stain remover, sponge)
  5. Towels
  6. Shipping boots / standing wraps / ice boots
  7. Splint boots / liners / bell boots / polo wraps
  8. Saddle pads (schooling & show)
  9. Half pad / non-slip pad
  10. Girth
  11. Saddle
  12. Martingale / breastplate
  13. Bridle / bit(s)
  14. Ear plugs / bonnets
  15. Treats


  1. Garment bag / boot bag / backpack
  2. Schooling clothes
  3. Show clothes (shirts / pants / show jacket)
  4. Belt
  5. Gloves
  6. Spurs / crop
  7. Helmet (hairnets, spare hair ties, brush)
  8. Tall boots
  9. Sunscreen / chapstick
  10. Visor or hat
  11. Water / SNACKS

So there it is, a fairly complete listing of what you will need at the show for you, your horse and for your horse’s stay at the show venue. In some cases, your trainer will provide some of the barn items on my list, but make sure you know in advance what that is so you can bring what they don’t provide.

Some barns will transport your barn trunk to the show which makes things a lot easier.  Just be sure to check in advance that everything you will need is in your trunk.   There is nothing worse than opening the trunk to grab something you need at the show only to find it isn’t there.

I hope these list suggestions will be helpful to you, and I recommend you review mine and modify as your requirements dictate.

Happy showing!

This blog post was authored by our client, Melina Poole-Minnillo, who operates MPM Sport Horses. Melina & MPM Sport Horses specialize in jumpers, hunters & equitation. MPM emphasizes a solid foundation and the understanding of proper horse care, flat work and the mechanics behind riding for any discipline. Melina values instilling the importance of fundamentals, having fun and training a positive mindset while advancing her students to their fullest potential. Melina takes great pride in going above and beyond to provide the absolute best feed and care for her equine partners, and a positive environment for all riders.

In addition to becoming a riding instructor, Melina spends her time finding quality import prospects to bring to the United States to further their development and pair with their perfect rider. MPM Sport Horses proudly also work with fellow professionals in the sales, exercise, care and training, and development of quality hunter/jumper horses in the area.

Follow MPM Sport Horses on Instagram at @mpmsporthorses or Facebook.

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