7 Things to Look for When Purchasing Horse Stall Equipment

April 16, 2019 By American Stalls Horse Stalls 101 The Elite Show Series (9'x9') | Horse Stalls | Beverly Equestrian | The Plains, VA Clients all over North America request American Stalls for specific reasons. Many request our company because we maintain the highest standards in portable horse stall industry – through the form of safety, customization, durability, and...

How to Disinfect a Horse Stall?

January 23, 2019 By American Stalls Barn Safety A clean barn environment is crucial to a horse’s overall health. Yet, it is always a challenge to keep a barn fully clean. It’s impossible to make barn surfaces 100% sterile (free of all bacteria and viruses),  but meticulous disinfection can go a long way toward reducing harmful bacteria and...

What is the correct size horse stall?

January 16, 2019 By American Stalls Horse Stalls 101 Ponies.Warmbloods.Thoroughbreds.Shetlands.Miniatures.The list goes on.Many of our customers don’t have just one breed or type of horse – whether it’s an individual owner or a commercial training business. Because of this, our customers usually ask, “what is the best size horse stall for our particular situation?” Elite Show Series | Portable...

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