Horse Stalls 101 | By: American Stalls | Date on: 04/28/2022

Are you planning on building a new horse barn with 20 or more horse stalls? When it comes to barns, we consider this stall amount as a medium-sized horse barn. It is less about the number of horse stalls in the barn in this case. We consider a 20-stall barn medium-sized because of the amount of horses, humans, and equipment at any given time.

There are many things to consider when planning a barn that has 20-30 horse stalls. That includes basics such as the purpose of the barn, the type of horses and their behaviors, and the site location. It also includes nitty-gritty details such as the flow of activities – including turnout, grooming, feed, and more. The more thoughtful planning that goes into the front end, the more efficient the barn will be at the end.

In this article, we’d like to provide some inspiration of three barns that feature 20 to 30 horse stalls. The first is barn is a polo and dressage training barn. The second barn is a thoroughbred training barn. Lastly, the third barn is a polo training and boarding barn. Each barn is different in layout and choice in stalls. We hope these mindfully designed barns give you inspiration to ensure your barn is safe, elegant, and built to last.

Barn Inspiration One: Dutta Stables & The Dutta Corporation

Our first barn is a 28-stall barn which is a FEI Grand Prix dressage stable & high-goal polo stable. This barn is located in Wellington, Florida. For this reason, the client wanted a barn that was exceedingly functional with a priority placed on ventilation. The client also wanted the barn to be a simple, yet refined aesthetic.

The client chose our hinged Full-Sized Stall Gates to help prioritize ventilation since this barn is located in a hot, humid climate. The yoke top helps the polo and dressage horses socialize and feel part of the rest of this large barn. Lastly, the mesh bottom also allows for a clear sight line into the stall.

In addition to our Stall Gates, this barn features our tack hardware including our Blanket Bars and Bridle Hooks. These hardware choices are not only beautiful, but exceptionally functional. The selection in hardware allows this barn to be efficient, clean, and organized. Lastly, we supplied our Horse Stall Fans to ensure ample airflow to manage ventilation and odor management.

The end result is a barn that is mindfully designed to safely house these horses. It features heavy-duty components to ensure it is built to last.

Barn Inspiration Two: Rockridge Stud

Our next barn is a 32-stall barn for Rockridge Stud – a full-service thoroughbred breeding and training farm located in Hudson, NY. Rockridge Stud and our team worked together on their new barn to house their mares and newborns. The client’s priority was to ensure this barn was safe for its horses – ensuring ample airflow, ventilation, and sunlight.

This barn features a simple, yet timeless aesthetic including our Sliding Stall Doors. Since this barn has many visitors in and out, the client decides to keep the horse stall door’s top as 1″ round bars. However, it was decided to add mesh on the bottom of each door to ensure ventilation and visibility. The latter was particularly important to ensure team members could attend to babies and mares. Lastly, each stall front was paired with custom grillwork to ensure ventilation and elegance.

In between each horse stall, Rockridge Stud decided on full privacy partitions. This decision allows each horse to have privacy at all times. To help drive cost-efficiency in a project of this size, these partitions feature two pieces of 8′ u-channel, one 8′ wall-stiffener, and our Southern Yellow Pine tongue and groove lumber.

8ft U-Channel (Left & Right), 8ft Wall-Stiffener (Center), and filled with Lumber

This barn features barn windows in each horse stall to ensure ample sunlight to manage bacteria growth. Secondly, we worked with the client to manufacture custom Barn Entry Doors with glass-filled tops. This choice in design helps further promote sunlight within the barn. This is especially important in cold, winter months in upstate New York.

This thoroughbred barn is a mindfully designed barn that is built to ensure functionality and safety – offering the very best care to its horses. The barn doors and barn windows help promote sunlight into the barn. The wide aisles allow for heavy-machinery to easily go in-and-out of the barn for stall cleaning. Lastly, the stall fronts and horse stall partitions provide a safe, functional, and beautiful horse stall.

Barn Inspiration Three: Private Polo Barn

Our last barn feature is a private barn for a polo training facility. This barn is located in a cold-weather climate. This particular client wanted a barn that was elegant in its stall design – while also functional. Similar to the previous two barns, this barn features wide aisles to allow for heavy-machinery to seamlessly clean the barn.

This barn features our fully welded Sliding Stall Fronts. Each stall front includes a beautiful v-shaped yoke that allows our clients’ horses to socialize with others in the barn. The stall fronts also include a welded HVH design on the stall door’s bottom. The welded HVH is comprised of welded steel tubing and channel. This allows for a horizontal piece of lumber to be inserted at the center and bottom of each door.

Each horse stall also includes our Half-Grilled Partition. This choice in partition allows for ventilation during hotter Spring and Summer months. It also allows socialization for the client’s horses.

In addition to our horse stalls, this barn also features our rubber pavers all along the aisle way and the cross breezeways. Our rubber pavers add a refined elegance to the barn – providing the finishing touch. They also provide functionality such as anti-slip properties and added comfort. These two qualities make all of the difference in our clients’ day-to-day experience of their barn.

The combination of the stall fronts, partitions, and rubber paver flooring ensure that is this barn is as functional as it is elegant. Our rubber pavers ensure this barn a high-level of comfort. The flooring gracefully complements the choice in horse stalls for a timeless barn.

Do you have any questions regarding any of the above barn projects? Our team is here to help guide you every step of the way to ensure you have the most functional horse stall products. Please kindly feel free to send us an email at or a call at (855) 957-8255. Alternatively, you can also complete a Contact Us Form.

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