Horse Stalls 101 | By: American Stalls | Date on: 05/5/2021

When it comes to horse stalls, there are many options. There are more “permanent” horse stall options that include our sliding stall fronts and our European stall fronts. These horse stall styles are usually found in all sorts of barns. In addition to permanent horse stalls, there are portable horse stalls as well. These portable stalls are used routinely for horse shows, horse clinics, and overflow at training facilities.

If you are a commercial equine facility, we firmly believe that a well-made portable horse stall is a true asset. This is because an excellent portable horse stall offers the best of both words: flexibility and durability.

Portable Horse Stalls at Beverly Equestrian (The Plains, VA)

That being said, not all portable horse stalls and temporary horse stalls are made the same. As equestrians, we are used to seeing portable horse stalls at large horse shows that are poor quality and not safe.

At American Stalls, we work hard to produce the highest quality portable horse stalls that safe, functional, durable, and look good. That is why some of the best equestrian facilities in the USA use our portable horse stalls to house their clients’ horses.

Here is a checklist to consider if you are thinking of purchasing portable horse stalls for your commercial facility:

  1. Heavy gauge steel frame and bars (i.e. minimum 14-GA steel bars)
  2. Galvanized steel to protect against rust
  3. No exposed sharp edges
  4. Smoothly grounded welded joints
  5. Seamlessly welded joints
  6. Smooth, consistent, and non-toxic powder coat finishes
  7. Professional layout and planning
  8. A knowledgable design staff
  9. Referrals and past projects

In addition to the above, our team takes tremendous pride in our portable horse stalls because of our focus on quality. This focus can be seen in our choice of materials to ensure your horse stalls are built to last. This means pre-galvanized steel, non-toxic powder coat finishes, and mindful craftsmanship to ensure that your horse stall performs well against rust. Here are more visual clues to look for in a high-quality temporary horse stall:

Do you have more questions regarding our portable horse stalls? Contact our team today. You can reach our sales and design team at (855) 957-8255 or also send us an email at

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