Barn Building 101, General | By: American Stalls | Date on: 04/5/2021

When building (or renovating) your barn, we will often think about the safety and visual appeal. During this process, we will consider the horse stall style, the barn doors, the amount of ventilation, and thousands of other details. One crucial area that every horse owner pays attention to is flooring and footing.

Your choice in flooring for your horse barn will largely dictate how much time, effort, and money you will spent in keeping your barn look its best. When deciding on a flooring option, we understand the needed to strike a balance between:

  1. Safety
  2. The visual appearance
  3. The financial cost
  4. Easy of maintenance and cleaning
  5. Longevity of the product

When it comes to the horse barn aisle, clients often ask our American Stalls team a lot about rubber pavers, rubber mats, and other options. In our years of experience, we firmly believe that rubber pavers are the best all-around flooring choice for horse barn aisles. We believe pavers are the best choice for horses because of their durability and aesthetic appeal. 

Our Rubber Pavers are made in a “dog bone” shape. This shape – once the interlocking rubber pavers are installed – create an attractive pattern to your barn floor. Our rubber pavers come in four (4) color choices including black, terra cotta, gray, and forrest green. This way, our clients can mix and match color choices to ensure that their barn looks exactly how they’d like it.

Before (Left) and After (Right) – 1-3/4″ Rubber Pavers (Terra Cotta)

In addition to the visual appeal, rubber pavers are easy to install over a hard surface (i.e. concrete) once there is a curb to contain the pavers. Once installed, our rubber pavers are also easy to replace if one becomes damaged. That being said, we see time-after-time that rubber pavers perform exceedingly well. Our rubber pavers hold up to years of abuse from general barn traffic, weather conditions, and heavy-machinery over the rubber pavers.

The last factor – using tractors, trucks, and other vehicles over the pavers –is one of the biggest advantages of rubber pavers compared to interlocking rubber mats. Rubber pavers have a higher density of rubber per unit. For this reason, rubber pavers perform exceedingly well in absorbing impact from heavy machinery.

Last but most importantly, our rubber pavers are incredibly safe for every horse barn. The rubber material provides an excellent slip resistant grip. Additionally, our pavers come in two thicknesses (7/8″ thick and 1-3/4″ thick) to provide anti-fatigue cushioning for you and your horse. This particular thickness also acts as an absorbent for noise in your horse stalls and horse barns. Our clients are always surprised as to how quiet the rubber pavers are horses walk on them.

Before (Left) and After (Right) – 1-3/4″ Rubber Pavers (Black)

Do you have any questions regarding our rubber pavers? Our team is here to help you make a well-informed decision. Our expert team can help with everything from design layouts, sales estimates, recommendations for bases under rubber pavers, and more. Please contact us at (855) 957-8255 or

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