General | By: American Stalls | Date on: 10/20/2021

Our (human) children aren’t the only ones who are carefully making their wishlist for the holiday season. You might not know it, but your horse secretly has their own wishlist. The holiday season only comes along once a year so here is a list of things your horse is wishing for their horse stalls:

Horse Stall Mattresses

Whether your horse spends a lot of time in their horse stall or out in the pastures, it is a great idea to add comfort to their stall flooring. Our StableComfort Stall Mattresses will give your horses the comfort that they deserve. This horse stall mattress is a seamless stall mat system that has a wall-to-wall top rubber cover which goes over a rubber crumb mattress.

Stall Mattress with StableWall

The StableComfort mattress system provides characteristics of a natural pasture. This will allow your horses to walk, stand up and lay down easily without the fear of slipping. Not only with your horse’s feet thank you, but it will also do wonders for your stall clean up time and maintenance.

Horse Stall Partitions with Grills

Many barns will have full wood partitions that constrict airflow and ventilation. This holiday season, upgrade your horse stall dividing walls with our grillwork that measures at least 8’ wide and all the way up to 14′ wide. This addition will not only help promote airflow, but it will also help your horses see their neighbor.

Automatic Waterers

Feed and water are usually personal decisions, but an automatic waterer system is a great add to any horse stall. An automatic waterer ensures that your horse has access to clean and fresh water.

Dutch Doors or Windows

Whether you are building a new barn or renovating an existing one, barn windows and barn doors are must. Either option will be a welcome addition for your horse. Our exterior windows and doors will allow for plenty of fresh air to come in and out of the stall – not to mention ample sunlight.

Additionally, our windows and Dutch Doors will allow your horse to hang their head out of their stall. Defeat boredom in the stall and promote healthy lungs with our exterior components.

New Horse Stalls

Many times, a barn will have horse stalls that were built 15 to 20 years ago. Although there is nothing wrong with an older horse stall, these stalls will often lack many modern design features. Modern, newly built horse stalls will feature safer bar spacing, more emphasis in ventilation, and safer horse stall latches.

Sliding Horse Stall Doors & Custom Grillwork (Left) and Stall Gate (Right)

For this reason, treat your horses to new horse stall systems – whether that be our Sliding Horse Stalls, European Horse Stalls, or even our Stall Gates.

These “presents” are guaranteed to add comfort, safety, and happiness for your horse – all while improving your facility’s value. Do you have any questions regarding year end holiday purchases? Are you stuck with where to even start? Our team is here to help guide you every step of the way. Please kindly feel free to send us an email at or a call at (855) 957-8255. Alternatively, you can also complete a Contact Us Form.

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