Barn Safety | By: American Stalls | Date on: 05/29/2019

The 4th of July is one of several holidays that are celebrated with fireworks, parades, and numerous other festivities.

These experiences are joyful, yet they can send horses into sensory overload. This prompts the question: how do you keep your equine friends calm and safe during these holidays?

Here are 4 tips from our team on how to keep your horses safe during the 4th of July:

1) Stay Aware of Events in Your Area and Communicate with Neighbors
Be aware of scheduled firework displays in your local area and neighborhood. Some areas will have firework displays that last 45 minutes while some will have displays lasting hours. Communicate with your neighbors, city officials, and other individuals to account for the uptick in noise and fireworks.

2) Muffle the Sound of Fireworks with Static Noise
Static noise or white noise is a great way to combat the loud noises produced by fireworks. We suggest turning up barn fans, radios, or even purchasing white noise machines. These little hacks help drown out some of the noise produced by loud fireworks and nearby gatherings.

3) Keep Horses Inside or Sheltered to Avoid Spooking and Runaways
This may seem obvious, but we suggest providing your horse with shelter away from the overhead crackling of fireworks. This means sheltering your horse in a run-in or secure horse stall. We also recommend providing plentiful hay to muffle the outside noise – while also providing a distraction in the form of food (chewing naturally helps with relaxation).

4) Know Your Horse
This is perhaps the most important thing when approaching 4th of July Festivities. Some horses are more sensitive to firework displays than others. Know your horse’s tendencies, behaviors, and habits to accordingly plan for the holiday festivities.

However you end up celebrating July 4th, we hope it is a safe and enjoyable experience for both you and your horses! Happy 4th!

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