Sliding Stall Fronts

Horse stall sliding doors have become a popular choice for barns due to their convenience and efficient use of space. When it comes to finding the right sliding stall doors, American Stalls can help. Our sliding horse stall doors are designed to provide easy operation and excellent functionality. 

As a leading manufacturer of horse stalls and stabling equipment, we custom build our horse barn stall doors to fit your exact specifications, design goals, and lifestyle needs. Each door is handcrafted with the finest raw materials and powder-coated to ensure longevity. Whether you’re building a new barn or upgrading your existing doors, you can count on American Stalls for high-quality, reliable, and stylish solutions. 

Personalized Horse Stall Sliding Doors

At American Stalls, we understand that each barn requires a unique design approach to ensure ultimate functionality and aesthetics. As such, we offer a wide range of customization options for our horse barn stall doors, including: 


Track System Package
Pin Lock Latch System
Door Stop and Door Guide


Can I still purchase stall equipment from American Stalls if I don’t live in Virginia?

Yes, we proudly serve personal and commercial facilities throughout North America, Canada, and Mexico. As such, you can purchase our stall equipment from anywhere in these countries, and we will have it sent to you.  

Our dedicated logistics team manages transportation and helps ensure the equipment is delivered to your barn quickly and efficiently. 

What gauge of steel do you use on the Sliding Horse Stall Fronts? What does that mean?

The gauge refers to the specific thickness of the steel. It is indicated by a measurement in inches or millimeters, whereby the gauge number increases as the thickness of the steel decreases. We offer products with different gauges. However, we typically use 14-gauge United States steel for our horse stall sliding doors. 

How are your horse stalls treated and finished to ensure rust protection?

All of our American Stalls products are built with longevity in mind. We use only the very best raw materials, including pre-galvanized steel for our structural components. We then exclusively use pre-galvanized steel, stainless steel, and/or aluminum on all hardware (i.e. hinges, latches, bolts, etc).

Our pre-galvanized steel frames, tubing, and hardware all undergo a strict quality control process before powder coating. For example, we use a zinc-prime paint coat on all welds for any projects going to high salt exposure areas such as coastal Florida.

We believe this is a significant differentiator where we take multiple steps to clean and prime our pre-galvanized products prior to powder coating. We then powder coat each component from experts who have years of experience. Lastly, we utilize an industry-leading TGIC-polyester-based powder coat finish that is tested for ultimate performance. Rest assured, your American Stalls products will stand the test of time.

What is a Yoke?

Yokes are very popular across our Sliding Horse Stall Door designs. The Yoke is a custom cut out on the top half of a horse stall door.

This Yoke "opening" offers your horse the opportunity to stick its head into the aisle to see fellow horses and people. A yoke might not be the best option for each horse since temperaments and facilities will vary. That being said, we offer many options in yokes.

Our Open Yoke is the most popular among clients. This is simply a cut-out in the shape of a v-shape or a rectangle. This is open at all times and is best suited for well-mannered horses that get along with other horses and riders.

We also offer our clients the ability to close their yokes with Yoke-Fill Pieces and Hinged Fold-Down Systems. Both options allow for added functionality for our Sliding Horse Stalls.

I have been in barns where the old Sliding Horse Stalls are impossible to move because of the track and trolleys. Do you have a solution for this?

This is a great question! Many Sliding Horse Stalls on the market are difficult to move as the years go on. This is because the track systems might not be well-suited for a barn environment where dust builds up. To prevent this, our track systems feature a self-cleaning design, which ensures no build-up within the track that might obstruct movement.

Secondly, most track systems on the market use cheaper plastic trolleys (also known as rollers). These plastic trolleys are low quality and will deteriorate as they continue to roll against dust, debris, and other build-up in the track. Instead, we use heavy-duty Delrin balls as our trolleys, which ensure your Sliding Horse Stalls will effortlessly glide for years to come.

How difficult are your Sliding Horse Stalls to install?

We design our sliding horse barn doors to offer easy installation. Plus, our knowledgeable team provides detailed installation instructions to make the process easier and ensure you follow the proper steps. 

What kind of latch is used on your Sliding Horse Stall Fronts and Doors?

We offer our clients two options: our Flip Latch and our Pin Lock Latch. Our Pin Lock Latch is our best-selling latch, but our flip latch is sometimes used in facilities that have a personal preference. Our Pin Lock Latch features the highest quality materials, including 304 stainless steel and aluminum. These materials ensure durability, strength, and overall longevity.

We always recommend our Sliding Horse Stalls and Pin Lock Latch because they promote safety in your barn. For example, in the case of an emergency, our design allows you to quickly unlock each stall door — allowing you to go from one stall to the next.

Can I buy just the Sliding Horse Stall Door and Grillwork instead of the entire Stall Front?

You absolutely can purchase the horse stall door, grillwork, and hardware— instead of the entire Stall Front System. We wrote a helpful article to help provide more clarity to clients about the possibilities. Read more here at Fully Welded Horse Stalls versus Kit Horse Stalls.

I'm debating between your hinged European Horse Stalls and your Sliding Horse Stalls. What is the case for Sliding Horse Stall Fronts?

Compared to European (hinged) stall fronts, sliding stall fronts allow our clients to save valuable space. The sliding stall door slides against the stall front panel or existing horse stall front. Hence, the door doesn’t swing outward into the barn aisle like a hinged horse stall door. This space-saving feature makes sliding doors a perfect fit for busy facilities, including horse boarding barns, training barns, and large venues.

What is your warranty on your Sliding Horse Stalls?

We offer a five-year limited warranty on our sliding horse stalls, which is effective for workmanship. We offer an industry-leading lifetime warranty on our track system.

Will I need any equipment to unload my equipment during delivery?

Our clients often need equipment to unload our horse barn stall doors. You may require a forklift or similar machinery that can handle the products' load capacity. Our team will gladly communicate the freight protocol and the equipment required based on your specific order to ensure you are well-prepared for the delivery.   

For sliding horse stall equipment, we require a forklift (or similar equipment) that has the ability to handle 5,000 lbs with 6 feet forks.

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