The right barn flooring is essential to your stable's safety, comfort, and performance. The right solutions help your equine companions maintain traction while making manure and urine management easier and faster. That's why our American Stalls team has partnered with the best flooring partners in the equestrian industry.

Our Stable Flooring for Horses

We are confident in providing the very best equine flooring to our clients. Our horse flooring products are sure to be durable, save you time and energy and promote good health. Options include:

  • Rubber pavers for horse barns: Our rubber pavers are ideal for many barn areas such as the barn aisle and offer much needed comfort, anti-slip properties and easy maintenance.
  • StableComfort Horse Stall Mattresses: These stall mattresses provide your horse with the very best in stall flooring comfort while saving you precious time in cleaning.
  • Horse stall rubber mats: Our heavy-duty interlocking rubber mats feature 100% recycled content and quick, simple installation.

Complete your dream barn setup with our horse stall mattresses and elegant stable wall panels for an appealing aesthetic and comfortable, safe enclosures that can withstand stall wall kickers.

Why Trust American Stalls for Horse Stall Flooring?

As horse owners and enthusiasts ourselves, we know what matters in your barn and equestrian facility. We offer and manufacture only the highest-quality solutions that meet your demands for durability, beauty, function and equine well-being. Our team stands behind our flooring selections with unparalleled service for the world-class customer experience you deserve.

Contact Us for Built-To-Order Equine Stable Flooring

Browse our options for inspiration, then connect with a team member online for built-to-order buying guidance.