European Stall Fronts

European stall fronts, also known as Euros or hinged horse stalls, are the epitome of elegance and functionality. These stall fronts are meticulously designed to offer your horses comfort and security while contributing to the overall aesthetic appeal of your equestrian facilities. At American Stalls, we design and construct luxury hinged horse stall doors from premium raw materials to provide quality and durability.  

Since our European horse stalls are custom built to order, we do not offer standard designs. Our skilled artisans handcraft all European stalls and equipment to deliver functionality while capturing the style's distinct appeal. You can choose a classic Western aesthetic or personalize the stall fronts with additional features such as aluminum caps or brass finials.

Choose American Stalls for Quality European Stall Fronts

As a leading custom horse stall manufacturer, our European stall fronts have become synonymous with quality, sophistication, high performance, and safety. We pride ourselves in providing premium horse stall solutions tailored to your needs and lifestyle. Plus, our team can help you select the best design options for your facility. Contact us online to request an estimate for our hinged horse stall doors today! 


The Steel

  • Steel Thickness: 14-GA United States Steel
  • Steel Frame: 2"x2" Square Tube
  • Steel Bars: 1" bars on 3" OC (upper grills) 1" round bars on 2.5" OC (lower grills)
  • Steel Mesh: 1/4" mesh with 2" x2" openings
  • Steel Posts: 4-1/2" Round Posts (Schedule 40)
  • Steel Treatment: Pre-galvanized steel

The Finish

  • All steel is pre-galvanized steel
  • Zinc-rich powder prime is used on any orders that ship to the Southern United States
  • Custom TGIC polyester powder coat finish upon steel
  • Hot dip galvanized finish available

Fill Options

  • Southern Yellow Pine Tongue & Groove: 2' x 8' x 12' & Grade 1
  • High Density Polyethylene (HDPE) Tongue & Groove : 2' x 6' x 12'
  • Exotic Hardwoods including Brazilian hardwood, Mahogany, and Tigerwood lumber: 2' x 5' x 3' to10' lengths


  • Hinges: Hinged European Horse Stall Fronts include heavy duty 304 stainless steel rod-end hinges that are adjustable for the perfect fit.
  • Latching System: Plunger latch
  • Left Wing and Right Wing are installed to barn walls and structural posts using mounting channels
  • Post End Caps: Available upgrade. Made in brass, aluminum, or matching powder coat finish.
  • Finials: Available upgrade. Custom made from brass and hand polished in-house in our facility


I don’t live in the state of Virginia. Can I still purchase horse stall equipment from American Stalls?

We are located just outside Washington D.C., but our customers are all over the world. We custom build and ship our custom horse stalls across the world.

Our expert logistics team can coordinate the best transportation to help your stall equipment reach your barn via the quickest, most efficient method. This applies to any domestic deliveries within the United States and even for international deliveries across the world.

What gauge of steel do you use on the Sliding Horse Stall Fronts? What does that mean?

The actual thickness of the steel sheet is indicated as a unit of measurement referred to as “gauge.” The rating for steel gauge may seem backward: The smaller the number, the thicker the steel. For example, 14-gauge will be thicker than 16-gauge.

We use a variety of different gauges on our products. However, our European Horse Stall Front systems use 14-gauge American steel for the steel framing and the steel tubing. We then use heavy-duty 10-GA (Schedule 40) round posts. We then use a variety of metals, such as stainless steel and aluminum, on our hardware to ensure ultimate longevity and strength. Rest assured, your American Stalls equipment is built to last.

How are your horse stalls treated and finished to ensure rust protection?

All of our American Stalls products are built with longevity in mind. We use only the very best raw materials, including pre-galvanized steel, for our structural components. We then exclusively use pre-galvanized steel, stainless steel, and/or aluminum on all hardware (i.e. hinges, latches, bolts, etc).

Our pre-galvanized steel frames, tubing, and hardware all undergo a strict quality control process before powder coating. For example, we use a zinc-prime paint coat on all welds for any projects going to high salt exposure areas such as coastal Florida.

We believe this is a significant differentiator where we take multiple steps to clean and prime our pre-galvanized products prior to powder coat. We then powder coat each component from experts who have years of experience. Lastly, we utilize an industry-leading TGIC polyester-based powder coat finish that is tested for ultimate performance. Rest assured, your American Stalls products will stand the test of time.

What kind of latch is used on your European Horse Stall Fronts?

We use our Plunger Latch on all of our European Horse Stall Fronts. This Plunger Latch is built in-house in our facility to ensure ultimate quality control.

Our Plunger Latches, most commonly, feature a 304 stainless steel knob and striker plate. Our knob ensures a beautiful aesthetic, while our striker plate ensures no scratches when closing your door. Our Plunger Latch's knob can also be upgraded to other precious metals such as brass (upon request).

How difficult are these European Horse Stalls to install?

We prioritize simple, functional design in all of our products. That means simplicity and practicality for the end user. That also means simple products that are easy to install by our clients, general contractors, and builder partners.

Once you take delivery on your custom European Horse Stall Fronts, your Project Manager will share precise, detailed Installation Instructions. Our Instructions include in-depth visuals, videos, and helpful instructions. We are also always available via phone call or FaceTime to assist our clients with any real-time questions.

Do I need a concrete curb or concrete pad to install these European Horse Stall Fronts?

Yes, our European Stall Fronts require a concrete base to be anchored upon.

Our European Stall Fronts comprise of 3 core components – a left wing, door, and right wing. The left and right wings are welded to round posts that feature 6" baseplates. These baseplates include pre-drilled holes through which you must anchor your posts to the concrete for structural integrity.

On very custom occasions, we are able to manufacture a system that does not require a full concrete curb. Contact an American Stalls Project Manager to discuss further options.

I'm concerned that my horse might jump over the European Horse Stall Front. What is your experience?

Our European Stall Fronts are exceptional for the vast majority of barns and breeds. We routinely build our European Horse Stall Fronts for larger breeds that compete in dressage and hunter jumper circuits.

That being said, the choice in horse stall front is a personal decision based on your facility, its foot traffic, your horses, their dispositions, and more. For example, we recommend our "High" European Stall Fronts for horses that need a little bit more containment. Our high Stall Fronts feature wings that are 7' to 8' tall as opposed to our "Low" European Stall Fronts that swoop drastically at the wings.

Contact your American Stalls Project Manager for more 1:1 guidance regarding your project and horses.

What is your warranty on your European Horse Stalls?

We offer a five-year limited warranty on our European Horse Stalls which is effective towards workmanship.

Will I need any equipment to unload my equipment during delivery?

Yes, our clients do often require equipment to unload your American Stalls purchase from the delivery truck. Our team will communicate the necessary freight protocol and required equipment based on the purchased products.

For European Horse Stall equipment, we require a forklift (or similar equipment) that has the ability to handle 5,000 lbs with 6 feet forks.

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