Barn Entry Doors

Your Barn End Doors should make a statement. Your barn entry doors are not only one of the most used parts of your horse barn, but they are also one of the most visible components. Our barn end doors are the perfect addition to your horse barn.

Each barn end door is built to order to make sure your barn’s entry is unique and tailored to your design goals. For a personalized entry, logos may also be incorporated into doors. We also offer multiple design options including sliding doors, hinged doors, and arched designs.


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I don’t live in the state of Virginia. Can I still purchase horse stalls and barn doors from American Stalls?

We are located just outside Washington D.C., but our customers are all over the world. We custom build and ship our custom horse stalls across the world.

Our expert logistics team can coordinate the best transportation to help your Aisle Entry Barn Doors reach your barn via the quickest, most efficient method. This applies to any domestic deliveries within the United States and even for international deliveries across the world.

What gauge of steel will my stalls be? What does that mean?

The actual thickness of the steel sheet is indicated as a unit of measurement referred to as “gauge.” The rating for steel gauge may seem backward:the smaller the number, the thicker the steel. For example, 14-gauge will be thicker than 16-gauge.

We use a variety of different gauges on our products. Our Aisle Entry Barn Doors utilize a heavy-duty 14-gauge pre-galvanized steel that is 2"x2". We also offer the ability to upgrade the steel frame to 2"x3" or 2"x4" upon client request.

What kind of fill material can I put into the Barn Entry Doors?

The most common fill-option is our Construction Grade 1 Southern Yellow Pine Lumber which is kiln-dried. This is exceptionally popular with clients who choose doors with either full-wood designs or just lower-half wood designs (i.e. glass on top).

We do also offer clients the option to choose a powder-coated steel sheet option. In these cases, we powder coat a heavy-duty steel sheet which is then welded into your Barn Aisle Entry Door. This is a fantastic option for horse barns who prefer that aesthetic and want a low-maintenance option.

Is the glass already installed in your Barn Doors or do I need to source it locally?

We offer our clients with both options! We offer our clients with the service to quote and install premium tempered glass into your Barn Entry Doors prior to shipping from our facility. This ensures convenience and a ready-to-install product. However, our clients also have the option to source the glass locally from a glazer who can install it onsite.

What latching hardware is included with your Barn Entry Doors?

All of our Barn Entry Doors include our 304 stainless steel door handles as standard. For equine safety, we don't provide a locking functionality or "latch" for the Barn Entry Doors. This is because we believe that your Aisle Entry Doors should be able to open from the inside or outside in the case of an emergency. That being said, we do work with our clients who absolutely need a locking mechanism in their door handles. For these cases, we are able to custom-fit stainless steel lockable door handles in various finishes. Please contact your American Stalls Project Manager for more information.

I found a beautiful design elsewhere on social media and it is a hinged Barn Door. Can you manufacture this sort of custom design?

Yes, absolutely! All of our Barn Doors are custom built to order. We offer our clients the option to have their Barn Doors in either a sliding orientation or hinged orientation.

How difficult are these Barn Entry Doors to install?

Our Barn Entry Doors are seamless to install into your barn. Whether you have purchased hinged Barn Doors or sliding Barn Entry Doors, our team is here for you every step of the way.

Once you take delivery on your custom Barn Entry Doors, your Project Manager will share precise, detailed Installation Instructions. Our Instructions include in-depth visuals, videos, and helpful instructions. We are also always available via phone call or FaceTime to asssit our clients with any real-time questions.

Will I need any equipment to unload my equipment during delivery?

Yes, our clients do require equipment to unload your American Stalls purchase from the delivery truck. Our team will communicate the necessary freight protocol and required equipment based on the purchased products.

For your Barn Entry Doors, we require forklift (or similar equipment) that has the ability to handle 5,000 lbs with 6 feet forks.

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