Barn Dutch Doors

Dutch doors are the one of the most versatile options to add to any barn as they add style, ventilation, and sunlight exposure to any barn. American Stalls supplies one of the most dependable Dutch Doors in the equine industry.

We take tremendous pride in our safe design that ensures that there are no protruding parts inside the door. Our doors are solid welded and come pre-hung for an easy installation. Our latch systems are made from pre-galvanized material fully manufactured for maximum durability to the elements and rigors of any working barn. Doors can be opened from either the inside or outside and single-hinged doors are available for use as entry doors. Lastly, all dutch doors and paddock doors can be sliding and use the same high-quality track systems as our barn end doors. Rest assured, our steel dutch doors are built to last.


Stainless Steel Tab Hinges
Polished Handle (Top Door)
Cane Bolt (Bottom Door)
Hold Back Latch (Top Door)


I don’t live in the state of Virginia. Can I still purchase horse stalls and barn doors from American Stalls?

We are located just outside Washington D.C., but our customers are all over the world. We custom build and ship our custom horse stalls across the world.

Our expert logistics team can coordinate the best transportation to help your barn Dutch Doors reach your barn via the quickest, most efficient method. This applies to any domestic deliveries within the United States and even for international deliveries across the world.

What gauge of steel will my Dutch Doors be? What does that mean?

The actual thickness of the steel sheet is indicated as a unit of measurement referred to as “gauge.” The rating for steel gauge may seem backward:the smaller the number, the thicker the steel. For example, 14-gauge will be thicker than 16-gauge.

We use a variety of different gauges on our products. Our Dutch Doors utilize a heavy-duty 9-gauge cold rolled frame. The top door and bottom doors (also known as leaves) feature 14-gauge steel framed doors. Rest assured, your American Stalls barn doors are built to last.

How are your products treated and finished to ensure rust protection?

All of our American Stalls products are built with longevity in mind. We use only the very best raw materials including pre-galvanized steel for our structural components. We then exclusively use pre-galvanized steel, stainless steel, and/or aluminum on all hardware (i.e. hinges, latches, bolts, etc).

Our pre-galvanized steel frames, tubing, and hardware all undergo a strict quality control process before powder coating. For example, we use a zinc-prime paint coat on all welds for any projects going to high salt exposure areas such as coastal Florida.

We believe this is a significant differentiator where we take multiple steps to clean and prime our pre-galvanized products prior to powder coat. We then powder coat each component from experts who have years of experience. Lastly, we utilize an industry-leading TGIC-polyester based powder coat finish that is tested for ultimate performance. Rest assured, your American Stalls products will stand the test of time.

What latching hardware is included with the Dutch Door?

We offer three primary pieces of latching hardware as standard in our Dutch Doors:

  • Stainless Steel Door Handle (Top Door): This door handle is non-lockable, but can be accessed from both the inside and outside of the horse stall
  • Powder Coated to Match Cane Bolt (Bottom Door): This Cane Bolt is only accessible from the horse stall exterior.
  • Hold Back Latch (Top Door): We provide a hold back latch that installs to your horse barn exterior. This allows you to securely latch the top door to the barn exterior wall during nice weather conditions.
Do you have hardware that safely latches the Dutch Door during nice weather?

Yes, absolutely! All of our Dutch Doors include standard Hold Back Latches. These latches help secure your Dutch Door to the barn exterior wall when it is open during nice weather. Each Hold Back Latch is powdered coated to match and is screwed into your barn exterior wall.

Can I add glass to the top door on a Dutch Door?

Absolutely! The addition of glass is recommended as it provides much-needed sunlight into a barn. We offer our clients the option to install premium tempered glass prior to shipping their Dutch Doors from our facility. Alternatively, our clients can also procure the glass locally.

For your horse's safety, we always weld 1/2" round bars behind all glass sections. This ensures that your horses do not have access to the glass.

I would like to leave my Dutch Doors open most of the time since I live in a warmer climate. Can I combine the Dutch Door with some sort of Stall Screen?

Absolutely! It is very popular for our clients to add one of our Stall Gates or a custom Stall Screen behind their Dutch Doors.

The Stall Screen (Stall Gate) then sits in the door opening while the Dutch Door is open. This allows ample airflow into your barn while safely containing your horse into his horse stall.

I have seen a sliding solid door instead the hinged Dutch Doors. Is that an option?

Yes! We offer Sliding Paddock Doors that are built similarly to our Sliding Horse Stall Doors. Clients prefer Sliding Paddock Doors instead of Dutch Doors for a few reasons including:

  • If you live in a cold weather climate with abundant snow fall, then it makes sense to explore Sliding Paddock Doors. This is because the hinged Dutch Door might be obstructed by snowfall compared to a Sliding Paddock door that is flush with the barn exterior.
  • If you operate a large horse barn (i.e. More than 40 horse stalls), then Sliding Paddock Doors offer safety latching benefits in the case of an emergency
How difficult are these Dutch Doors to install?

Our Dutch Doors are extremely easy to install into your barn. Whether your door has a cold-rolled frame or angle frame, the Dutch Door installs just like a residential door.

All components in the door are fully welded and pre-hung. This ensures that your Dutch Door is ready to fit into your rough opening. Once fitted into the opening, you simply will screw the frame into your opening.

Once you take delivery on your custom Barn Dutch Doors, your Project Manager will share precise, detailed Installation Instructions. Our Instructions include in-depth visuals, videos, and helpful instructions. We are also always available via phone call or FaceTime to asssit our clients with any real-time questions.

Will I need any equipment to unload my equipment during delivery?

Yes, our clients do require equipment to unload your American Stalls purchase from the delivery truck. Our team will communicate the necessary freight protocol and required equipment based on the purchased products.

For Dutch Doors Horse, we require forklift (or similar equipment) that has the ability to handle 5,000 lbs with 6 feet forks.

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