Single Hook (Roosevelt Collection)


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Handcrafted From Brass

Timeless, refined design is the hallmark of our Roosevelt Collection. Distinguished by the interplay of smooth solid brass and clean lines, this Single Hook reflects superior craftsmanship and durability. Each Single Hook features a hefty baseplate and tasteful hook. Solid brass, hand polishing and a robust powder coat ensure an enduring finish. Give your tack room an instant upgrade with our Single Hooks. 

About Our Roosevelt Collection

Inspired by the bold spirit and timeless elegance of one of America's most iconic figures, Theodore "Teddy" Roosevelt, our Roosevelt Collection blends strength, durability, and sophistication. Just as Roosevelt was renowned for his robust nature, rugged adventures, and refined demeanor, our brass hardware mirrors these qualities. Each piece is meticulously crafted to marry vintage charm with contemporary finesse. It results in a timeless allure that speaks to both the passionate equestrian and the discerning collector. Step into the legacy of Roosevelt – where rugged meets refined, where strength meets beauty, where the past meets the present.

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  • Materials & Finishes
    • Made of brass.
    • Durable powder coat finish. 
    • Mounting screws provided. 
  • Measurements:
    • Base Plate Width: 1-1/2" W
    • Base Plate Height: 2" H
    • Base Plate Thickness: 1/4" 
    • Bottom Hook Depth: 1-1/4″ L
  • Care & Maintenance:
    • Wipe clean using a soft, dry cloth or static duster.
    • Avoid using harsh chemicals and abrasives as they may damage the finish.