Barn Lighting

Barn Lighting

In any horse barn, we emphasize the need for proper lighting. We build our exterior doors to ensure ample natural sunlight enters your barn. This helps keep your barn healthy and well lit. In addition to natural sunlight, our team offers the highest-quality exterior and interior lighting for your barn. Our approach to lighting is similar to our approach to any of our stabling equipment. Each light fixture should be an elegant addition to your barn's aisle and exterior facade. Inspired by early 20th century lighting, we’ve taken classic designs and updated them with modern finishes and options. Each lamp is truly an art piece. Last but not least, each light fixture should be exceptionally durable. Our lighting uses sustainable, 100% American metals including steel, copper, and brass. We then use the same high-quality finishes to ensure that your barn lighting is elegant and built to last.


What is the lead-time for your custom Gooseneck Lamps?

We pride ourselves on short lead times to provide the best service for our clients. Please contact your American Stalls Project Manager for a precise lead-time based on your project's needs.

Where are your barn lights manufactured?

Just like our custom stabling equipment, each lamp fixture is proudly built here in the USA in a state-of-the-art 60,000 square-foot facility. This allows us to have complete oversight into our production from start to finish. Our Barn Lights utilize only commercial-grade materials. This allows us to build light fixtures that deliver that wow factor for decades to come. 

Can you can custom build a specific size for our project?

Similar to our luxury stabling equipment, our lighting is custom built to order for you! This allows you the ability to personalize your light fixtures exactly as you need.

You can choose every detail from size to finish to mounting style and so much more!

What mounting options do you offer for your lighting?

Each light fixture is custom built to order so we can truly build to your needs. Whether you are looking for something for your barn's exterior, tack room, a lounge area, or anywhere else.

We offer our light fixtures to be wall mounting and ceiling mounting. Wall mounted lights will include an "arm" built using the finest metals. In contrast, our ceiling mounted lights will include cord.

How are the light fixtures finished?

We offer an impressive selection of finishes to deliver elegance and durability. The first option is a powder coat finish that allows you to match your horse stalls, barn doors, and other American Stalls products.

This powder coat is robust and durable. Our most unique offering is a Porcelain Enamel finish. This enamel glaze is hand applied to our solid-steel shades. It is then baked in a high-temperature oven to seal the enamel to the shade. This finish offers the best protection against the elements in any climate. It also gives each shade a high-gloss and slightly reflective surface. This beautiful sheen captures attention and becomes a focal point in every barn space – from your center aisle to exterior to your tack room. 

What types of light fixtures do you offer?

We offer everything from traditional Gooseneck Lamps to Wall Sconces to charming Pendant Lighting. Similar to our horse stalls, each fixture is custom built to order and finished using only the finest finishes to provide that finishing touch. 

What are the differences between your Powder Coat Finish and your Porcelain Enamel finish?

You simply cannot go wrong whether you choose our powder coat finishes or our porcelain enamel finishes.

Our standard powder coat features our widest variety of color options. This option offers a slight, yet eye-catching sheen (medium). In contrast, our matte powder coat finishes bring more modern edge with no sheen.

Lastly, our porcelain enamel is unlike our two powder coat finishes. It is a high-gloss so it is sure to catch your eye. This finish, however, also adds an additional layer of protection to the shade due to a triple enamel coating.

If I order your steel-based Light Shades, how should I go about maintenance?

No metal fixture, no matter the finish, is guaranteed against
corrosion especially in salt air environments. If your fixture
will be installed in a location near salt water, we recommend
cleaning it monthly. If your fixture is not installed in a location
near salt water, we recommend periodic cleaning with a mild
soap-and-water wash and gentle buffing to extend the life of
our painted finishes.

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