We are located just outside Washington D.C., but our customers are all over the world. We design and ship our horse stall equipment to private and commercial facilities all over the world.

Our expert logistics team can coordinate the best transportation to help your horse stall equipment reach your barn via the quickest, most efficient method.

The actual thickness of the steel sheet is indicated as a unit of measurement referred to as “gauge.” The rating for steel gauge may seem backward:the smaller the number, the thicker the steel. For example, 14-gauge will be thicker than 16-gauge.

We use a variety of different gauges on our products. However, the vast majority of our products use 14-gauge American steel for steel framing and steel tubing. We then use thicker gauges of steel such as 10-gauge or 3-gauge in steel posts, steel mesh, and other components. Rest assured, your American Stalls equipment is built to last.

We prioritize simple, functional design in all of our products. That means simplicity and practacility for the end user. That also means simple products that are easy to install by our clients, general contractor, and builder partners.

Before and after delivery, our team will share detailed Installation Instructions for your purchased products. That includes everything from horse stalls to barn doors to rubber pavers to horse stall matttresses.

Our team will coordinate with you every step of the way to ensure a seamless delivery processs. Most orders are shipped on dedicated flatbed trucks. All pallets are shrinkwrapped, banded, and tarped prior to leaving our facility to ensure safe delivery.

Yes, our clients do often require equipment to unload your American Stalls purchase from the delivery truck. Our team will communicate the necessary freight protocol and required equipment based on the purchased products.

For horse stall equipment, we require forklift (or similar equipment) that has the ability to handle 5,000 lbs with 6 feet forks.

Yes, absolutely! We understand that freight is a significant expense in your project's budget. We routinely have clients who prefer to pick up their products from our various facilities located on the East Coast. Please kindly speak with your American Stalls Project Manager to discuss pick up options.

Proper care and maintenance will go a long way to your products' longevity. This applies to both your horse stall equipment as well for other ancillary products such as flooring.

You can read this helpful post for our recommendations on caring for your horse stalls. For more recommendations, please kindly contact an American Stalls team member who will be happy to share recommendations and materials to aid maintenance.

The vast majority of our products are custom built to order. For this reason, we have a no return policy and all sales are final. Please contact an American Stalls team member for more information or if you may have any questions prior to making a purchase.

Absolutely. We are honored to have worked with countless clients in many parts of the United States and world. Please contact your American Stalls Project Manager and we will be happy to refer previous clients to you for reference. You can also read reviews from past clients here.