HDPE Fencing

HDPE Fencing

Just like our luxury horse stalls, our HDPE Horse Fencing is the highest quality fencing for horse farms. Our fencing is safe, exceptionally durable, and beautiful. It is the perfect solution whether you are looking to redo your property’s perimeter fencing or simply looking to redo horse stall runs.

We offer our Fencing in 2, 3, 4 and even 5 rail configurations with posts available in different lengths depending on your soil and climate. Each rail is 2x6 that is reinforced with industry-leading 2 internal reinforcing ribs. These rails are then fixed into provided 6x6 posts that are outfitted with galvanized locking buttons. This securely retains the rails in your posts while providing flexibility to easily remove them for easy access for tractors and other farm equipment. Our flexible design allows you to use our HDPE fencing around your farm – in round riding pens, riding arenas, horse stall runs, paddocks, and around your farm’s perimeter.

We offer our American HDPE Fencing in 8 beautiful colors to compliment the look of your American Stalls luxury stabling products. We have the finish for your farm – whether you are looking for a classic white finish, a matching black finish, or a more weathered wood finish. Similar to our horse stall powder coat finishes, all of our HDPE colors are long-lasting and protected by a special UV protection package. This ensures your horse farm fencing will look beautiful for many maintenance-free years.  Unlike traditional PVC or wood-based fencing, our American HDPE Fencing is manufactured from 100% HDPE. Because of this, it will not crack or become brittle in extremely cold climates or warm climates.


I need a 2-rail fence for my farm's perimeter. Do you offer that?

Yes, we do! Our 2-Rail HDPE Fencing blends beautifully with your farm's landscape.

Our 2-rail HDPE Fence is particularly well-suited for everything from farm perimeters to dressage arenas. Our fencing will enhance the look of your farm's entry way while adding ample visibility to deter horses from crossing.

What rail designs do you offer for your HDPE Fencing?

Our HDPE Fencing is available in the following rail configurations:

  • 2-Rail: Well-suited for farm perimeters, farm entryways, and dressage arenas.
  • 3-Rail: This is a suitable design for stall runs, horse paddocks, corrals, your farm's perimeter, dry lots and outdoor arena fencing.
  • 4-Rail: The main purpose of our four-rail HDPE horse fence is to prevent a foal from rolling under the bottom rail and for stallion containment. It is also commonly used in stall runs attached your barn.
  • 5-Rail: We offer 5-rail and 6-rail options for more containment needs.
Is the plastic material recycled or virgin plastic?

All of our HDPE Fencing is made using the highest-quality 100% virgin plastic raw material.

That being said, we also pride ourselves in sustainability. Our manufacturing process reclaims 100% of its scrap production. This ensures that we contribute nothing to surrounding areas' landfills. Our production also recycles all its cooling water striving. This allows us to deliver a high-quality fence while ensuring we're as environmentally-friendly as possible.

What's the difference between PVC Fence and your HDPE Horse Fence?

Simply put, PVC-Vinyl fencing was never designed or engineered to be used as containment for livestock and horses. PVC Fencing was designed to be decorative in nature.

In contrast, our American HDPE Fence was built to be used in animal containment, equine or livestock. Our horse fencing is built from High Density Polyethylene.

Unlike PVC, our HDPE material contains no arsenic or chlorides and will not contaminate water or soil. HDPE is also impermeable to acids found in animal wastes.

Our posts and rails have 2x the wall thickness of most PVC fencing. Our HDPE posts weigh approximately twice that of a standard PVC Post.

As a result, our HDPE Horse Fencing is built to last. It will not become brittle even at 60 degrees below zero – unlike PVC Vinyl fencing. Our horse fencing will also absorb the impact of a full extended leg kick from any horse breed.

How does your HDPE Fencing compare to wood fencing?

Our HDPE Fencing is built in typical lumber sizes. The first advantage is that our fencing is hollow instead of solid. This makes it lighter and easier to work with compared to wood fences.

Although it is hollow, an HDPE rail weighs about as much as a wooden rail of the same dimensions. Our posts weigh about 25% as much as solid wood of the similar. We've designed our fencing with thick side walls to add strength and firmness. We've also designed it with a double-reinforced rib design.

As a result, our HDPE Fencing is stronger, more forgiving, and provides less maintenance down the road.

What color options do you have for your HDPE Horse Fence?

We offer our clients 8 colors. This variety of colors allows our clients the option to meet their aesthetic needs. You can choose from: white, black, cedar, dark brown, redwood, weathered wood, grey and hunter green.

How is the finish protected from sunlight?

Our HDPE horse fence includes ultra-violet (UV) stabilizers that are continuous throughout our polymer materials. This ensures that your fencing finish is protected long-term from the elements.

What are the dimensions and sizing of the HDPE Fence's Posts?

We offer 7′, 7.5′ or 8′ posts depending on your needs. Each post is 6"x6" and weighs almost twice that of a standard PVC post. Rest assured, our Posts provide the structural integrity needed for your horse farm and barn.

How does HDPE material fare as temperatures rise and cool?

Our horse fencing is built from the highest quality HDPE materials including 100% virgin plastic. Because of this material, you can expect your fence to minimally sag when exposed to extreme heat and sun. Throughout the course of a hot Summer day, this material will move during the day and then naturally retain shape at sunset.

This is not so noticeable in lighter colors. Please also note that this sag is not permanent and goes away as the plastic cools. Our HDPE Fencing stands the test of time and stands up to the rigors of various climates.

What is the warranty on your HDPE Fencing?

We are proud to offer a 20 Year Limited Warranty to back up our HDPE Fencing. We warrant to the original purchaser that, for a period of twenty (20) years from the date of retail purchase that our HDPE Fencing products will be free from defects in material and workmanship and will not split, crack, peel, rot or be subject to wood-boring insect damage.

Where is your HDPE Horse Fencing built?

We are proud that our HDPE Fencing is 100% made in the USA using 100% American materials.

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