General | By: American Stalls | Date on: 09/14/2021

Guest Author: Connor Duszynski

There’s no doubt that the equestrian world is bursting at the seams; with more equestrians embracing the sport than ever before, and equestrian enthusiasts enjoying all that this unique culture has to offer, we’ve noticed the general public’s interest in all-things-equine is piquing, particularly following this past summer’s events calendar. Kicking off the 2021 summer polo season, our American Stalls team had the pleasure of sponsoring Virginia United Polo’s All-Pro Polo Match, featuring the talents of Nacho Figueras, Kareem Rosser, and countless other high-goal polo pros. In celebration of the program, we joined the League’s other generous sponsors at the Salamander Resort & Spa’s barn in the heart of Virginia’s Horse & Hunt Country.

Reminiscing on Virginia United Polo’s ‘All-Pro Polo Match’ in the heart of Hunt Country. Photo from Hart Equestrian.

Donning our finest, we chatted our way through the barn, catching up with our friends as we stopped to pose with the pros at various points throughout the evening. As we followed the bistro lights lining the stables, stopping only for brief photo-ops and champagne intermissions, we began to wonder why this kind of experience wasn’t more common. We were enjoying ourselves so much that we were wishing all our parties could be hosted in such gorgeous barns!

We love supporting local events hosted in equestrian barns, like this gorgeous set-up for Sprout Therapeutic Riding’s annual Gallop Gala. Photo by Tara Jelenić.

Of course, we’ve attended nonprofit fundraisers for therapeutic riding services hosted in barns before, but we wondered why more barn owners, equestrians, and their guests didn’t enjoy these kinds of intimate evenings in their own facilities more often. We’d be dressing up the stall doors, stables, and tack rooms with equestrian decor, chic stylings, and some strategically-placed bottles of refreshments. This vision, so classically-Americana to us, reminds us why we love spending our time in our barns; it’s romantic, it’s meaningful, and it makes us feel closer to the spaces we love. 

Tack room goals from TerraNova Equestrian Center.

All equestrians and patrons of the equestrian lifestyle know that one’s barn is one’s home away from home. When you’re not in your muck boots, cleaning out the stables or tending to your horses, your barn is a sanctuary. What better way to celebrate that connection than by making the most of your barn in showcasing its beauty to your guests at your events? 

We’d love being welcomed into this inviting Hudson Valley barn. Photograph by Peter Lyden.

This vision of a summer’s night spent in the barn is perhaps even more tempting to us knowing that our American Stalls products make for the perfect picturesque backdrop to any event, photo-op, or dinner one could hope to host. For an event your guests won’t forget, make our stunning and personalized barn doors the focal point of the room. Whether you decide to set the dinner tables near the door, or have a live band or vocalist perform in front of it, our American Stalls barn doors are guaranteed to stand out. 

The American Stalls European Stall Front.

Our custom European Stall Fronts and Sliding Stall Fronts are other products of ours that make for the perfect backdrop to any intimate gathering. Our Sliding Stall Fronts, dressed-up with brass accents, arches, and yokes, especially makes for a more personalized feel that you won’t find in other standard fronts. We’d love to hear how you enjoy socializing and dressing up your barns, thanks to our gorgeous products. In the meantime, we’ll be planning our next party! Won’t you join us?

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