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Our blanket bars are a must in keeping your barn organized and tidy. Each blanket bar is handcrafted to ensure your blankets are in great condition after each workout. Our blanket bars are designed to be 38” wide and provide 6” of depth to make sure you have ample space to hang multiple blankets. Our clients mount these blanket bars to their horse stall fronts, in the aisle, and even in their tack room wall.
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The Steel

Steel Tube & Plate:

14-GA Steel

Steel Treatment:

Pre-galvanized steel

Weld Treatment:

Zinc-rich primer on all welds


Black powder coat finish

Available in 2 Tube Diameters: 1.3” and 1.9”



38” W

Distance From Tube to Plate:


1.3” Round Tube Weight:

5.5 lbs

1.9” Round Tube Weight:

9.2 lbs

Features & Installation

  • 6” of depth provides for ample room for ventilation to dry your blankets 
  • Pre-galvanized steel and powder coat provide superior rust protection
  • Heavy-duty steel holds up to the weight of multiple blankets
  • Black powder coat finish makes for an elegant look
  • Pre-drilled holes for easy, quick installation


What is the difference between the two blanket bar options?

The only difference is the size of the tubing. Our standard blanket bar has a round
tube with a 1.3” diameter. Our Grand blanket bar has a round tube with a 1.9” diameter.

Are these Blanket Bars difficult to install?

Our Blanket Bars are very quick and easy to install. Our team has pre-drilled holes
on the blanket bar plates to allow for a quick installation.

How much spacing is there between the bar and the plate?

There is 6 inches between the blanket bar’s bar and its back plates.