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Our Grilled Stall Gates are a modern and minimalistic take on traditional stall gates. It is inspired by a simple, yet exceptionally elegant design often found in coastal horse barns. Our Grilled Stall Gate is perfect for any horse barn as it features a low profile design, attractive mesh bottom, and a shavings guard. It is a perfect horse stall door for all horse breeds. Rest assured, our Grilled Stall Gate will add refined elegance and functionality to your barn.
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Pre-galvanized steel and black powder coat finish provide superior rust protection

Mesh bottom increases airflow

Shavings Guard to keep bedding inside horse stall.

Heavy-duty steel materials ensure ultimate strength

Pre-drilled holes for easy and quick installation


I don’t live in Virginia, can I still purchase these stall gates from American Stalls?

Yes, absolutely! We are located in Northern Virginia, but our clients are all across North America including United States, Canada, and Mexico. Our team will help you coordinate the best shipping method for your horse stall equipment.

Are these Stall Gates heavy?

Compared to other Stall Gates on the market, our Stall Gates tend to be “heavy.” This is because we build our Stall Gates to be extremely heavy-duty. We use strong steel tubing and mesh for each component to ensure it holds up to the rigors of your barn.

How tall is the Grilled Stall Gate?

Our Grilled Stall Gate is 58” tall. This measurement is from the bottom-most frame to the top-most frame.

Would you recommend the Full-Sized Stall Gate or the Grilled Stall Gate?

To begin, the main two differences are the gates’ dimensions and the top designs. Our Full-Size Stall Gate is 65” tall, but the bottom of the yoke begins at roughly 48” tall. In contrast, our Grilled Stall Gates are 58” tall without a yoke opening. Your decision will ultimately depend on multiple factors and your personal preference. Our Grilled Stall Gates were designed to be standalone horse stall doors that promote a simple, yet timeless look. This design is particularly particular among barns that feature English disciplines. In contrast, our Full-Sized Stall Gate is a more traditional stall gate design.

Are these Stall Gates difficult to install?

Our Stall Gates are exceptionally quick and easy to install. We pre-drill holes on one-side of each stall gate. We also place our logo on both sides of each stall door. This allows you to flip the stall gate to accordingly install as you need. We also provide all of the necessary installation hardware including hinges, bolts, screws, a screw eye, carabiner clip, and gate chain. Most clients are able to install our stall gates without a general contractor. Each gate usually takes no more than 15 minutes to install.

Our door opening is 48” and the Stall Gate is 51” wide. How can I fit it in the door opening?

Our Stall Gates are 51” wide, but our clients install into smaller door openings all the time. We have seen our clients successfully and safely install our Stall Gates into openings ranging from 43” wide to 52” wide. If you have an existing sliding stall door, we would recommend to mount our Stall Gates on the stall’s interior to swing into the stall. If you have flexibility, you can then mount our Stall Gates on either the horse stall’s exterior or interior.

During installation, how much space should I leave for the door’s opening?

We always recommend to leave at least 1” between the Stall Gate’s bottom frame and your floor. This will ensure enough clearance for your Stall Gate to seamlessly operate. If you install the Stall Gate flush into a door opening, we then recommend roughly an additional 1-1/2” between the door frame and your wood post.