StableComfort Horse Stall Mattress

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StableComfort™ is a wall-to-wall waterproof horse stall mat system for your horse stall's floor. Not only is it ergonomic, efficient, and economical, but it is also environmentally friendly. This resilient yet forgiving horse stall flooring closely mimics a natural pasture. This stall mat system ensures that your horses have the ultimate comfort when stalled in their horse stalls.


The first component of StableComfort are the multi-celled mattresses. These rubber crumbs allow the mattress to provide your horse with a high level of comfort and shock absorbency.

The second component in this system is a rubber-coated waterproof top cover. This one piece top cover makes stall cleaning a breeze. The top cover is also a non-slip surface – allowing for safer movement within the horse stall.

The system is equivalent to 4"-6" of bedding – allowing you to reduce bedding volume without sacrificing comfort.

The construction of this horse stall mat system reduces your cleaning time, manure pile size, and also bedding costs.