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Built for Sliding Stall Doors

Our Pin Lock Latch is a state-of-the-art latching system built for sliding horse stall doors. Our pin lock latch is designed by horse people for horse people. This means that your latch will safely enclose your horses in their horse stalls. Last but not least, we use the very best materials that will stand up to the rigors of a working horse barn. Rest assured, your latch will operate with ease for years to come.
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The Steel

  • Materials: Stainless steel, aluminum, and galvanized steel
  • Contents:
    1. Stainless Steel Pin & Chain
    2. Stainless Steel Pin Receptacle
    3. Aluminum Wall Sheath
    4. Installation Screws

Features & Installation

  • Guarantees secure latching for Sliding Horse Stall Doors
  • Stainless steel and aluminum materials to protect against rust
  • Sophisticated ergonomic design makes for easy usage
  • Installation guide available


Can I use this Pin Lock Latch for my existing sliding stall door?

Yes! Our Pin Lock Latch is great for both our new sliding horse stall doors and also existing sliding stall doors. We recommend that your door’s frame is at least 2” wide to fit our pin receptacle. Otherwise, our Pin Lock Latch is often retrofitted as a safe latch option in many clients’ existing horse stalls.

Can you powder coat the latch?

The vast majority of our latch is machined from stainless steel. For this reason, we are unable to powder coat the latch since powder coat does not adhere well to stainless steel. That being said, ask your American Stalls Project Manager for different metals that can be used for our latch.