Rubber Pavers for Horse Barns

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Our rubber pavers are the perfect flooring for any horse barn or equestrian property. Our rubber pavers are ideal for horse barn aisle ways, saddling areas, horse barn corridors, service roads, wash stalls, wash bays, grooming stalls, feed rooms, and breeding sheds. In addition to a slip-resistant paving solution, our rubber pavers have anti-shock and bacteria-controlling properties. This makes it a surface that is easy to maintain, as well as a healthy choice for your barn. 100% Made in the USA.


Excellent shock absorption and protection in the barn.

Time tested at the best equestrian faccilities across the United States delivering outstanding performance and longevity

Slip resistant even when wet because our rubber pavers provide a superior coefficient of friction in both wet and dry conditions

Easy installation – Our Rubber Pavers can be adhered (7/8″) with a glue adhesive or laid loose (1-3/4″) depending on the sub base

Offering a 50.7% force reduction, our rubber pavers provide much-needed comfort to tired feet in the barn. This force reduction also translates to durability and resiliency.

Environmentally friendly and made from nearly 100% recycled tire rubber