Stall Front Grill

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Ships Within 5-8 Weeks

Custom Built to Order

Our horse stall front grillwork promotes ventilation, sunlight, and visibility in your horse barn. Our horse stall grills are made from high-quality 100% American steel. Each order is custom built after an order is placed. All grillwork sections include 1” round tubes set on 3” centers an order is placed.


Increased ventilation and visibility

Safe Spacing – 1” round bars set on 3” centers (2” spacing from end to end)

Concealed interior welds

Custom sizes and powder coat finishes available


What does it mean that the welds are interior concealed welds?

We pride ourselves in building horse stall grillwork that is built to last. Most manufacturers do an exterior weld where the bar makes contact with the channel. At American Stalls, our 1” round bars are put through punched holes within the channel. Once through the holes, we weld inside the channel. This way, you cannot see any welds on the exterior. This ensures that the weld is not exposed to dirt, dust, and other elements that leadto wear and tear. This means that your grillwork is built to last.

I am going to be adding this grillwork into a foaling stall. Can you make the bar spacing any closer?

Our standard bar spacing is 1” round bars set on 3” centers. This means that there is only 2” between the ends of each bar. We do recommend closer grill spacing for foaling stalls such as 1” round bars set on 2.5” centers. Please contact our team if you’d like a quotation though for this custom grill section.