The Cascada Automatic Waterer


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Our Cascada Automatic Watering system uses a contactless sensor, not a float or lever, to fill your water buckets perfectly every time with unrivaled reliability and convenience.

It can track and learn your horses’ normal drinking behavior then analyze and display it to you anywhere in the world via the App on your phone. Cascada's smart alerts will reach out to you if there’s a problem or potentially dangerous change in your horses' hydration, making Cascada a totally hands-off and expertly managed horse watering solution.

Get ready to water smarter!



No floats, levers, or moving parts

It won't clog, stick, flood, or crack. Ultrasonic sensors detect the water level and refill without any submerged or wear-outable moving parts for unrivaled reliability and easy cleaning. There's nothing in your horse's waterer but water!

The bucket that everyone loves

Through extensive research with both horses and humans, we learned that most horses prefer to drink out of a 5-gallon bucket. It's plenty of water for the horse to drink deeply without interruption, but not so much that it's difficult to dump or clean. To make things even easier, we built an option in the app to keep buckets half-full on cleaning day.

Sleek, horse-friendly design

Designed for horses by horse owners, Cascada's rounded profile, heavy-duty moulded plastics, and stainless steel chew plate were made to take abuse while being gentle and safe. The hook and arm will hold the bucket securely for normal play, but can open and give way in an emergency.

Built-in freeze protection

Don't let winter weather slow you down! Cascada's internal freeze protection system has been tested to zero degrees Fahrenheit. AKA 32 degrees below freezing!

Digital temperature sensors activate low-voltage heaters as needed to keep fresh water flowing. Use with a heated or insulated bucket for a completely chill-proof, hands-off watering system!

Live somewhere warmer? Cascada knows that and won't heat things up unnecessarily and waste electricity.

Always know how much your horse is drinking

Cascada is the first and only automatic waterer to track your horses' water consumption in an app. Cascada sees how much they are drinking, learns their normal drinking habits, and alerts you if there's a change.


Do I have to use the app or can I just buy the waterer?

The waterer is fully functional on its own and is still the most advanced waterer on the market even without using the app. We do recommend downloading the app and taking advantage of the 60 day free trial so you can get a taste of the full Cascada experience!

What happens if my barn doesn’t have wifi?

To use the app, the Cascada must be in range of reliable WiFi. The waterer itself works perfectly with no WiFi, however you will not be able to track how much your horse is drinking in the app without an internet connection.

Can more than two horses use the same bucket?

Two horses can drink from the same bucket, however if you are using the app it will will not be able to track individual horse hydration from shared buckets. If you are planning on purchasing a Cascada waterer and pairing it with the app, we recommend each horse have his or her own bucket.

How is cascada different than anything else on the market?

Cascada is the only equine automatic watering system that digitally tracks your horses’ water consumption while giving you insight into their ongoing hydration habits from your phone.

It's also the only automatic waterer with contactless ultrasonic sensing of the water level.

Will the waterer still work without internet or the app?

Yes! The waterer does not need internet or an app subscription to function perfectly as an automatic water. Just plug it in, connect the water, and enjoy reliable, worry-free bucket filling. However, the app is the cherry on top of this amazing product and we recommend taking advantage of the 60-day free trial with your Cascada order to see for yourself!

Is the device heated?

Yes! The Cascada waterer has an internal freeze protection system. We also advice anyone installing in colder climates to ensure water lines are insulated with heat tape and to use either an insulated or heated bucket.

How much is the device?
The Automatic Waterer costs $799 per unit. Shipping is additional and charged at check out.
What’s the install process like?

The Cascada waterer screws right to your stall wall and connects to a water line with a standard threaded fitting. Simply connect it at the nearest power outlet using the enclosed safe, low-voltage cord and it’s ready to use.

We recommend shielding your water and power lines with some kind of flashing or pipe, or running them on the outside of the wall to protect them from curious chewers