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Wall Stiffeners (also known as “wall braces”) are commonly used for horse stall side walls and partitions. This horse stall hardware adds more rigidity to your horse stalls by connecting tongue and groove lumber boards together.
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The Steel

  • Steel Body: 14-gauge
  • Materials: Pre-Galvanized Steel
  • Finish: Black powder coat finish is standard.
    • Custom powder coat option is available to match other horse stall products.
  • No pre-drilled holes to allow client flexibility for screw placement


  • Features:
    • Our wall stiffener adds strength and durability to your horse stall partitions. Our wall stiffeners are perfect for DIY horse stall partitions because they allow you to combine your tongue and groove boards together – forming one single, solid wall.
    •  Our wall stiffener will lie flat against the horse stall partition once it is secured in place American Stalls wall braces are available in two different sizes: 96′′ or 48′′. Lastly, we can powder coat your u-channel to match any other components including your horse stall door, horse stall grillwork, and more.


Length:48” or 96”
  • Installation: Screw the wall stiffener vertically to the middle of all your horse stall’s lumber.
  • Please note that our wall stiffeners require 9 to 18 screws to install them into horse stall lumber. 


Do I add a wall stiffener to both the stall front and stall partition?

We recommend to always use a wall stiffener when your stall surface's horizontal length is greater than 9’. Most stall fronts are an industry standard of 12’ wide – with a 4’ wide door. For this reason, we don’t often see or recommend to use a wall stiffener for a horse stall front. That being said, we almost always recommend to add a wall stiffener to a horse stall partition. This will help add much needed rigidity to your partition.

Do I need a wall stiffener on both sides of the horse stall partition?

This decision is ultimately a client’s personal preference. That being said, we do recommend to install our wall stiffeners on both sides of a given horse stall divider. This helps provide a uniform aesthetic while providing extra rigidity.