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It’s finally the evening and the sun is just about ready to set. We find ourselves in our barn to feed our horses, but to also wrap up the day. Often times, wrapping up the day means keeping the barn tidy. One look down the aisle though and we see shavings sprawled all across the barn aisle. Frustration quickly ensues as we watch bedding get kicked out of stalls and mud being dragged in.

If you can relate to this occurrence, you will be excited by our newest addition to our product line. We are excited to introduce the Bedding Blocker system. The Bedding Blocker is the first and only product specifically designed to save you money on horse and large animal bedding costs. This low profile, safe threshold barrier keeps more bedding in your stalls, and mud and debris out.

Before & After

The Bedding Blocker is extremely helpful on horse stalls with in and out runs. It can also be used on the front of a stall. This helps keep your aisle tidy and free from shavings.

To give you an overview, each Bedding Blocker system is comprised of the following components:

  • 1 nylon brush that is 48″ long and 6″ high
  • 2 PVC bases with holes established – 48 inches long
  • Twelve Blue Coated Ultracon 1/4″ X 1-1/4″ Hex Washer Head Anchors
  • One reusable drill bit, 3/16″ X 3″
  • Instruction Manual
PVC Base (Left), Screws (Middle), and Bristles Installed in PVC Bases (Right)

The Bedding Blockers install in less than 10 minutes – using minimal installation expertise. [Watch Installation Video] One question that many clients ask is, “what kind of surfaces can the Bedding Blocker be used on?” While a solid floor is ideal, you can use a bracket system and pressure treated lumber (not included) to install your Bedding Blocker over soft surfaces such as dirt, screenings, and stall mats so you aren’t limited to a barn floor.

Below are other frequently asked questions about the Bedding Blocker System.

Question: What if my horse stall door opening is larger than 48″ or smaller than 48″ wide?
Answer: If your stall door opening is larger than 48″, the Bedding Blockers can easily be lined up end to end for larger thresholds. In contrast, if your horse stall opening is less than 48″, all Bedding Blocker components can be cut using a hacksaw with a metal cutting blade.

Bedding Blocker in Use – Installed Behind Dutch Door Leading into Paddock

Question: What if my horse tried to eat the bristles?
Answer: The bristles are designed to stay in place. With proper installation, animals should not be able to remove the brush component from the bases.
If you have a persistent chewer or destructive animal, we recommend spraying the brush with an anti chewing deterrent made for animals.

Question: Am I able to drive a cart or roll a wheelbarrow over the Bedding Blocker?
Answer: Yes! The bristles are designed to allow wheelbarrows and carts to easily pass through them. You can even view a video of a wheelbarrow in action here.

Question: How do I maintain the longevity and durability of the Bedding Blocker?

Answer: The Bedding Blocker is designed to block bedding and debris. We suggest running a pitchfork through the bristles when you are finished cleaning your stalls. This will remove excess build up of dirt and debris and keep your brush’s integrity intact longer. You can also remove the brush by removing one base and sliding the brush out. If the Bedding Blocker is installed with a muddy area outside, you may need to clean it with a hose and mild detergent more frequently.

While the brush component is designed to last for an extended period of time, several factors will determine how often your brush needs to be replaced. Animal traffic in and out of stalls, amount of dirt and mud outside of the stall, time spent cleaning the brush, and general use will determine how often the brush should be replaced. In this case, you can purchase a replacement brush from our team.

Do you have any additional questions? Please reach out to our design team at (855) 957-8255 or email us at Our team of expert consultants would love to sit down, understand your questions, and provide our 17+ years of experience.

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