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The list goes on.

Many of our customers don’t have just one breed or type of horse. Whether it’s an individual owner or a commercial training business, there might be many types of breeds even in a given barn. Because of this, our customers usually ask, “what is the best size horse stall for our particular situation?”

Two different Sliding Horse Stalls, but both are are the industry standard of 12’x12′

In the world of horse stalls, there is is truly no “one-size fits all” option. A stall’s size depends on your horse’s size, temperament, and individual tendencies. 

Whether you are building a new barn or adding more stalls, it is crucial that a barn owner makes it a priority to first figuring out the size of stalls to ensure a safe, comfortable home for their horses.

Here are some things to consider during your next horse stall project:

  1. A horse should be able to comfortably enter the stall, move, turn around and lie down in his/her stall. 
  2. An average-sized horse (about 14-16 hands) can fit comfortably in a 12’ x 12’ stall. That being said, one can consider a smaller stall such as 10’x12′ – depending on personal preferences and stall usage.
  3. Ponies, Welsh or Shetland breeds typically will do well in a 10’ x 10’ stall. 
  4. Warmblood, thoroughbred and draft breeds (breeds that are usually 16 to 18 hands tall) need 12’ x 12’ and larger stalls
  5. Mares approaching their foaling date or mares with foals are best housed in an extra large stall – 20’ x 20’ stall at a minimum, you could look here.
Sliding Stall Fronts that measure 10′ wide (left). Hinged European Stall Fronts that measure 12′ wide (right).

Have an upcoming stalls project?

Our design team is here to share our ten years of experience in working with everyone from individual barn owners to horse shows carrying 1,000 stalls. We’re always here to help. Contact us today for a free consultation on your upcoming stalls project! 

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