Our horse stall partitions are available in multiple styles and configurations. All stall partitions are built to your exact specifications and measurements. When making your decision on the partition design, you should factor in the following elements:

  • The climate in your area
  • The temperament of your horses
  • The operational style of your facility
  • The primary use of the stalls

Common Designs


This particular stall partition offers ventilation and socialization through the grills on top. We recommend this design to most clients who’d like to maximize ventilation and socialization.


Solid partition panels can be created from wood or masonry. This design helps provide ultimate privacy. This particular design is well-suited for larger operations where you’d like to limit socialization and contact among stall neighbors.


This style provides the best of both worlds from the other two options. This stall partition style offers some cross ventilation while still providing great privacy for the horses.

Choose Your Stall Partition Style

Stall Partition Style Cost Consideration Key Benefits
Solid Panel Lowest (Does not include wood cost) Best for horses that need privacy and facilities that want to minimize contact Maximum privacy
Grill or Mesh Top / Solid Bottom Moderate (Does not include wood cost) Best for horses that friendly with their stall neighbors Allows for maximum flexibility. Order the entire welded partition panel or just the steel grill for the stall top.
Grill with Privacy Panel / Solid Bottom Highest (Does not include wood cost) Best for horses that need privacy during mealtime The perfect balance between ventilation and privacy

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